Minecraft Halloween Creeper Pumpkins – Final Results

I’ve been talking a lot about creating Minecraft Creeper Halloween pumpkins, but tonight I got a chance to actually put my research to work and carve my own. As you might imagine, a Creeper pumpkin is actually not that hard to make…..yet it still put a huge smile on my kids’ faces. I thought I would share with all of you my final results. I think they turned out pretty well.

Minecraft Creeper Halloween Pumpkins


Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading.


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Create Your Own Creeper Costume

So your kid tells you, “I want to be a Minecraft Creeper for Halloween!”  That’s what my kid said. It seemed like an easy enough task. There are certainly plenty of people that have made creeper costumes for Cosplay purposes. The thing is, my kid needed something that wasn’t “exact” and still allowed for some decent mobility. I ended up going partially homemade and partially store bought.

I ended up going with a cardboard Creeper head, which you can find on Amazon.com here. This is what it looks like:

Minecraft Creeper Cardboard Square Head

For the shirt, we used the very popular Creeper hoodie, also found on Amazon.com. You can find the jacket by going here. This is what it looks like:

Minecraft Creeper Jacket

For the pants I used a pair of cheap black pants I used from Wal-Mart. I purchased a 100 pack of glue sticks, used a cheap glue gun I had on hand and purchased several different colors of square felt sheets from Joanne’s. I cut the felt strips down into squares and glued them to the front and back of the pants. I’d like to just express how much time it took to glue the felt squares to the pants. Overall I would say it took about two hours. It’s was worth it to see the smile on my kid’s face.

The costume ended up looking pretty good, my kid loved it and he is still able to walk around just fine. While it isn’t Cosplay worthy,  I still think it turned out really well. Here is what the final product ened up looking like:

DIY Minecraft Creeper Halloween Costume


You can’t see it, but the smile is there…..trust me. I hope this helps you out in your quest to create a creeper costume for your child or friend. Let me know what you think!

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Excellent Minecraft Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

With Halloween around the corner, my kids have been asking dad to help them create a Minecraft pumpkin. It’s no surprise as they are both really into Minecraft this year. What I have found is that there are a lot of Minecraft pumpkin ideas out there inspired by the Creeper. I have found several great ideas out there. What we ended up settling on was using a green pumpkin, which we purchased from a local pumpkin patch, and using a Creeper pumpkin stencil (found here).

After having spent some time on the Web, I have found several clever posts I would like to share with you. The first picture I would like to share is the green pumpkin idea using a Creeper face. I think the natural green pumpkin skin looks great and the orange internals of the pumpkin really match everything well. Here is a picture of it:

minecraft-pumpkinsThe next pumpkin I found, which isn’t really a pumpkin at all, was a rather large green pepper that had been cut to look like a creeper. The only downside to doing this is that peppers don’t last long. If this is a route you want to take, I highly recommend cutting it the day of Halloween. That said, it would still look really cool next to a bunch of other pumpkins. If it is large enough, you should still be able to fit a slimline candle into it. Here is a picture of the Creeper green pepper:



Most of the Creeper pumpkins I have found out there utilize a very simple block structure, which looks great, but I came across another pumpkin that not only utilized a block face, but included the silhouette of a Minecraft creeper. It is absolutely brilliant and I felt it would be a great addition to this post. Here you go!

Creeper Pumpkin


One thing that I found rather positive about all of these stencils and pumpkin designs is that they are all really easy. There is nothing complex about them. While there are stencils out there, most of them could easily be free-cut without much prep time involved at all. I would like to congratulate the owners of these pumpkins as a job very well done.

Please feel free to comment on this post. I would love to hear your Minecraft pumpkin and pumpkin stencil ideas. Thanks for reading!



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Minecraft Creeper Pumpkin Stencil

My kids are Minecraft crazy this year. They can’t seem to get enough of it. The Creeper seems to be one of their absolute favorite characters. I decided to hop on Photoshop and whip up a Creeper pumpkin stencil. It wasn’t hard, especially when you consider it’s just a bunch of blocks. I’m posting the pumpkin stencil in this post (small version). If you need the full blown Creeper pumpkin stencil, simply click here. I hop this helps all of you out. Happy pumpkin carving and Happy Halloween!

Minecraft Creeper Pumpkin Stencil

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William Shatner Disses Star Wars

I was reading Fox News today (usually check out all the news sources) and came across an article titled:

William Shatner disses ‘Star Wars,’ says ‘Star Trek’ is better: Who wins the intergalactic debate?

In this article, he goes on to say that George Lucas borrowed everything from Star Trek. He even says the new Star Trek movie by JJ Abrams has better special effects than Star Wars. He also says Star Trek has a better story line. He also says that Star Trek had better heroines than Leia in Star Wars.

While it was a lot of tongue in cheek, it was pretty funny. I love both, so I don’t really consider one to be better than another. I really like Bill Shatner, so I really enjoyed the interview.

You can view the video here:

You can read the entire article on Fox by going here. Enjoy!

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Stargate Universe (SGU) Is Dead Jim – Show Cancelled

Stargate Universe CancelledWell, I hate to be the bearer of bad news to those of you who are Stargate Universe fans. Stargate Universe has officially been cancelled after only halfway through the second season. As I like to say, they finally put a bullet in that sick horse and put it out of its misery.

For those of you who actually liked SGU, it seems that the cast had no idea and only found out themselves on twitter. That is almost as bad as getting fired from your job via text message. Apparently the long (might I say very long) story arcs will not be tied up as the writers had no idea and were unable to write an conclusion to finish up season 2.

Apparently the show was barely breaking the 1 million mark in viewers.  The execs over at SyFy even tried shifting the time slots to no avail. You can’t blame SyFy. If you aren’t getting viewers, you aren’t making money.

I actually started warming up to SGU again with the final few episodes of season 1, but again became tired and bored with season 2. It was like treading through molasses for me. The thing I personally liked most about SGU was the instrumental / synthesized music.

I liked Stargate SG1 and SGA for the action, quick conclusions to story lines and the funny / witty humor. I found very few of these traits in SGU.

My very conservative family, who loved SG1 and SGA were turned off from the pilot of SGU after some fairly suggestive scenes. Remember, SG1 and SGA were very family friendly (not counting Children of the Gods). My entire family, kids, siblings and others could sit down, laugh and enjoy Stargate. SGU pretty much shot that down, along with their viewership.

I have to say that I’m not surprised, although I can’t say I’m entirely happy either. I was really hoping for a 3rd SG1 to DVD movie. That will probably not happen now.

Oh well. As far as I’m concerned, Stargate ended with SGA.

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Tron Legacy – Anyone Else Excited?

So I saw the Tron Legacy movie trailer a few days ago and have to say I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a movie since the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out. I have taken the day off of work and am going to do everything I can to see it in Imax 3D. I know the trailer has been out for a little while now, but can I say WOW!

Is anyone else out there as excited about Tron Legacy as I am? I’ve been a fan of the original Tron since the 80’s. So here you go. The newish Tron Legacy trailer. Enjoy!

Official Tron Legacy Trailer

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Blade Runner Soundtrack – One Of The Best Sci-Fi Albums Ever?

I don’t know why, but I have been on a huge music trip lately and can’t seem to get enough. Part of it is because I like to load up my iPod and listen to music all day at work. It gets the creative juices flowing. So I was recently thinking about what some of the best Sci-Fi albums out there are. Many people claim that Blade Runner touts one of the best.

I personally like Blade Runner, and consider it to be a work of art, but don’t know if I consider it to be the best. I think Star Wars (John Williams) and Star Trek (James Horner ST2) are some of my faves. I recently wrote about Stargate Universe having some great music as well.

As far as Video games are concerned, I think Halo and Mass Effect have some of the best tracks out there. Mass Effect has some very close similarities to Blade Runner. Are there any other good Sci-Fi games out there with a good soundtrack? I’m always up for suggestions.

Anyway, here is a great compilation of Blade Runner music. It probably still ranks right up there with some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Compilation Of Blade Runner Music

Blade Runner Love Theme

So there you go. Some classic Blade Runner!

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Stargate Universe Music / Soundtrack – Absolutely Magical

So I have been pretty vocal about how much I disliked Stargate Universe. The first half was boring, graphic in many situations and not my cup of tea. I decided to flat out stop watching it. The show “V” was on at the time and I really enjoyed it. I have since re-watched all 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1.

I later listened to a few podcasts from the guys over at Gateworld (great podcast by the way) and decided to give Stargate Universe a second chance. I don’t know if the writers took a hint, but the second half has actually turned out to be some pretty good stuff.

You know what I am liking most about Stargate Universe? The music! It has one of the best soundtracks I have heard on a TV series in a while, probably since Star Trek TNG. So here are a few excellent soundtrack clips I have found on YouTube. There still isn’t an album available, but once it is, I’m there!

Stargate Universe “Light” Soundtrack:

Stargate Universe “Air” Soundtrack

Stargate Universe “Incursion” Soundtrack

All I can say is WOW! I love it!

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Logan’s Run Remake Is Back On Track! Yeah!

A long-in-development remake of the 1976 sci-fi classic Logan’s Run is FINALLY back on track with the addition of a new director for the project, according to the Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog.

Carl Rinsch is the name now attached to direct the movie, which is being produced by Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman. Silver told reporters last weekend during press interviews for Splice, which he also produced, that he was still eager to remake Logan’s Run. A script has been around for a while, although a new one will probably be written if the movie goes forward again.

Logan's Run Movie

If Rinsch’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he was at one time a candidate to direct the upcoming Alien prequel until Ridley Scott decided to make that picture himself. Rinsch is one of the hottest directors of commercials around (he’s done a lot of ad work for Ridley and Tony Scott’s company) and has been wanting to make the jump into feature films for a while.

A recent SF-themed short he made for Phillips Electronics, called The Gift, was impressive enough that several studios wanted to turn that into a feature itself. Although that fell through because Phillips owns the rights, it was good enough to get Rinsch on the radar for Logan’s Run.

The original Logan’s Run, based on the book by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, takes place in a future society where everyone must die at the age of 30. Michael York starred as Logan, a Sandman, whose job it is to execute those “runners” who do not voluntarily turn themselves in on their 30th birthdays. But Logan himself goes on the run in search of a mythical hideaway called Sanctuary. The age limit in the original novel was 21, and Silver has said that the new film will revert back to that.

X-Men director Bryan Singer was going to direct the remake a few years back, but he put it aside to focus on 2006’s Superman Returns. Other directors who have run the project through the development mill include James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) and Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy).

Do you think Logan’s Run is ripe for remaking?

This article was originally shown on the Sci Fi Wire here and is written by Don Kaye.

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