New Futurama Movie!!! Bender’s Big Score

I don’t know how many of you sci-fi gurus out there are fans of Futurama, but I love it! I own all four seasons and have loved it since the beginning. Who else could make the future look so fun!

I was browsing around the net today and discovered that there is a new Futurama movie coming out! It is going to be available on November 27, 2007. I am pre-ordering myself a copy right now!

Benders Big Score

I also came across a trailer for the new movie and it looks pretty sweet. I can’t wait for some new one-liners from Bender! He and fry are my two favorites on the show.

I think it looks pretty funny! I’ll be sure and write a review on it as soon as I get it. Let me know what you think.

You can get your own copy of the movie at Amazon: Futurama – Bender’s Big Score

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