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I was recently asked what the scariest movie of all time is. There are a lot of good movies out there that would probably belong in the “Scariest Move of All Time” category. I was just reading a “Time” magazine article about the top 25 horror movies of all time. Guess what they put at number 20!?! They have Bambi listed at number 20!

Although I may not agree with their list, I did like their choice for number one horror movie. They have Shaun of the Dead at number one. That is a great movie! They also had a couple of sci-fi movies in their top 25 movies of all time.

Horror movies often have a crossover between horror and sci-fi. Many sci-fi movies have aliens and villains who fall into the “horror” category. One movie they have listed at number six “The Fly” doesn’t really seem like a sci-fi to me, although it does include many scientific elements in it, it ultimately takes place in the present and aims to scare more than anything.

The Fly

I know taking place in the future doesn’t constitute a sci-fi movie, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. There are several exceptions to the “future” rule for sci-fi movies. Look at the “Terminator” movies. They have several future elements in place, but ultimately it takes place in the present. Technically they take place in the past. Predator is another movie that takes place in the present, but definitely falls under the sci-fi category in my book.

Time Magazine has “Alien” in the number seven position. It certainly warrants a position in the top 25 of all time. That is definitely a sci-fi movie, and one of the best ones out there. The sequel Aliens was just as good if not better. Alien 3 was “so-so.” Alien Resurrection makes up some ground from number 3, but still isn’t as good as the first two.


There are many good sci-fi horror movies out there, so I won’t even try to label any one as the “best” of all time, but I do have a recommendation this Halloween season. One good sci-fi you may want to consider right now, if you are looking for a good scary movie, would be “Event Horizon.” That movie is not only fun to watch, but also has a fun horror them to it.

Event Horizon

No matter what movie you ultimately decide to watch this Halloween season, make sure it is a sci-fi movie!

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