What Is The Funniest Sci-Fi Movie?

I have had many friends ask me which movie I think is the funniest of all time. This discussion can include a wide array of movies from old B&W “B” movies to sci-fi classics such as Mel Brooks’ famous Space Balls and the sci-fi classic movie Men in Black featuring Will Smith. I personally would have to add Mars Attacks to that list. I love that movie!

These are all great movies, but I would have to argue that the funniest and best sci-fi comedy of all time is Galaxy Quest. This could possibly be because I am such a huge Star Trek fan and this movie tastefully makes fun of Star Trek and about every other famous sci-fi genre out there.

The Thermians are hilarious and the interaction between them and the humans is hilarious. The star-studded cast is great! Many of these actors have gone on to do great and wonderful things. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Tim Allen does a great job as Commander Taggart is a great fit for the role. I have enjoyed Tim Allen in just about everything he does. He isn’t a hard one to pick out of the cast. Neither is Sigourney Weaver. She looks great in this movie and plays her role well. She has some great “one-liners.”

People you may not have known back in 1999 but may see a lot of are:

Tony Shalhoub – I thought he was very funny in the movie as the Chief Engineer. You may recognize him now as Adrian Monk in the TV series Monk.

Some great Tony Shalhoub scenes in Galaxy Quest:

How about this guy? Please note the guy on the far right.

Galaxy Quest

And in his current TV show:

The Office - Rainn Wilson

That would be Rainn Wilson from “The Office.”

And how about this guy:

Galaxy Quest Alan Rickman

You may have seen him in this recent series of movies:

Alan Rickman in Harry Potter

That’s right! This is the famous Alan Rickman. Although he is well known, his talent really shows through in Galaxy Quest.

A great Alan Rickman scene from Galaxy Quest:

And Don’t forget about Justin Long who has since starred in Dodge Ball, Jeepers Creepers and Live Free or Die Hard.

There are many other actors as well that do a great job as well. You can see the full cast by going here.

If you have never seen Galaxy Quest, please go out and rent it. You can probably get it for pretty cheap now as well. I think I picked my copy up for five bucks. Let me know what you think about Galaxy Quest.

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