Captain Pike Cast For Star Trek XI

This will be a short entry, but today a new character was cast for the new Star Trek XI movie. I have already talked about previous cast members in earlier posts, but apparently Captain Christopher Pike, a character from the original Star Trek Pilot and the Menagerie will be in the new Movie. He will be played by Bruce Greenwood.

Bruce Greenwood

Although I’ll not dwell on it too much, the writers from the AP that wrote this article weren’t big Star Trek fans. First they say Christopher Pike is the first Star Trek captain when we all know it is Captain Johnathan Archer.  They are probably refering to the first Star Trek captain in chronological order as they appeared on TV.

The second error they make is they say Leonard Nimoy’s  character Spock is the only character to survive the original pilot “The Cage.” Although this is technically true, Majel Barrett, who also starred in The Cage also went on to play Nurse Christine Chapel, Lt. M’Ress (cartoon), Lwaxana Troi, several computer voices and more.

Star Trek XI Poster

Also of note is that Leonard Nimoy will be making an appearance in the new movie. Unfortunately it looks like William Shatner will not be in the new movie according to CNN.

I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a while. JJ Abrams will be  directing it. Although I am not very familiar with him, he did direct Mission Impossible III which was pretty good.  I hope to see you all there come December 25, 2008.

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