Saturn Never Sounded So Good! Space’s Natural Music.

I know this may not be categorized as fiction, but it is science. I am a huge fan of astronomy. I took some astronomy / physics classes in College and found the topic to be very interesting. I love checking out NASA’s multimedia library and downloading images, backgrounds and movies from space probes, satellites and more. I suspect that most science fiction fans are probably big fans of astronomy and the NASA program as well.

Sounds of Saturn

NASA has recently taken radio emissions from Saturn, radar echoes from Titan and other strange phenomena picked up by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft and have converted this data to sound. NASA goes into great detail on their Web site as to the origins of each sound. It is really quite interesting and makes for great reading.

I have taken these sounds and have put them on my own site for your listening pleasure. I have also included links to each sound file where you can read more about how the sound was generated. My favorite is the last one. Here you go!

Sounds of Enceladus (.mov)
Read about this sound here.

Radar Echoes from Titan’s Surface (.mp3)
Read about this sound here.

Speeding Through Titan’s Haze (.mp3)
Read about this sound here.

Bizarre Sounds of Saturn’s Radio Emissions (.wav)
Read about this sound here.

Eerie Sounds of Saturn’s Radio Emissions (.wav)
Read about this sound here.

Burn this to a CD and crank it up in your car! Some of the sounds are eerie enough that they could even make good sound effects for a sci-fi movie or thriller. 🙂

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