X-Files 2 Starts Filming Soon

That’s right! If you were like me during the 90’s, there is a good chance you were a fan of the TV series X-files. There has been talk about a sequel to the 1998 hit X-files movie for years now, but it sounds like it may actually be coming to a reality soon! According to several sources, the movie may begin filming as soon as December 2007.

Gillian Anderson as Scully

In a July 2007 interview with Access Hollywood, David Duchovney said:

“I’m supposed to see a script next week,” said Duchovny, adding that “X-Files” creator Chris Carter and series executive producer Frank Spotnitz wrote the screenplay.

The article continues:

The film’s story reportedly will avoid the steep (and oftentimes confusing) “alien conspiracy” mythology developed throughout the series’ nine-season run and in the first film, and will instead focus on a self-contained threat for Mulder and Scully to contend with.

“No, we’re not going into the mythology (in the sequel),” Spotnitz told SciFi.com in May of last year. “One of the things that was exciting about doing it is to not make it a mythology story, and it’s like one of the stand-alone episodes. It’s a bit scary. Of course, we will catch up with the characters and what is going on in their lives, but it’s not about the alien conspiracy. It’s not about that.”

Apparently a big part of the delay was due to a disagreement between Chris Carter and 20th Century Fox Television. A lawsuit was filed in 2005 by Chris Carter due to alleged payments owed to Carter for the television series.

The following was posted yesterday on Gillian Anderson’s official site:

The rumors were right! An “X Files” sequel is headed to theaters next summer, to be released July 25, 2008, Twentieth Century Fox announced today.

The plot is top secret for now.

The studio’s news release said only that “the supernatural thriller is a stand-alone story in the tradition of some of the show’s most acclaimed and beloved episodes, and takes the always-complicated relationship between Fox Mulder (Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Anderson) in unexpected directions.”

The studio confirmed that shooting will begin in December in Vancouver. The announcement comes after rumors of a sequel hit the web on Monday.

July 2008 isn’t far away and should be a great summer movie. I find it interesting that the plot will not focus on the ongoing Alien Conspiracy seen throughout the TV series. I hope they stick to the original feel the TV series had.

You can read more about the new X-files 2 movie at Countingdown.com.


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  1. Eric DeGroot says:

    Katie is going to be so happy about this! This is one show Katie and I can both watch SciFi related.

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