David Tennant Leaving Doctor Who?

In a recent interview with Radio 2’s Jonathan Ross, Catherine Tate said that she does not believe David Tennant will come back for another season of Doctor Who. Her exact words were “I think it’s maybe David’s last series.” As you can imagine, the rumor mill is now churning out all kinds of crazy thoughts and ideas as to the future of the show and possible replacements. The BBC has remained silent regarding Tate’s comments.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate

Those of you who do not remember Catherine Tate, she made an appearance on the December 2006 Christmas special. She played a runaway bride. I thought it was a pretty good episode. According to the BBC, that episode brought in 9.4 million users in Britain. With a population of 60 million people, that is a pretty dang good market share. I can’t imagine a Sci-Fi show in the United States ever getting that high a market share.

Apparently she is a comedian. Being an American, I am not familiar with her at all. Perhaps some of you Brits can fill me in on her past comedic works. She is going to be playing Dr. Who’s new assistant. Apparently this will also be Tate’s last TV series.

On a similar note, Dr. Who fans have voted David Tennant as the best Doctor Who ever. The number of votes accumulated even surpassed the previous favorite Tom Baker.

The Top Five Doctors:

1. David Tennant – 28.2%
2. Tom Baker – 26.5%
3. Christopher Eccleston – 11.4%
4. Jon Pertwee – 9.6%
5. Patrick Troughton – 8.8%

I’ll try and keep you all updated as I find more news. I sure hope David Tennant is staying with the series. I think he has turned out to be a great Doctor.

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