Ultimate Battle: U.S.S. Enterprise vs. A Star Destroyer – Battle Of The Ships

You really can’t get much geekier than an argument on who would win between Star Trek’s Enterprise D or E and a Star Wars Star Destroyer. I know this is all Sci-Fi and a ridiculous never-ending argument. I am a huge fan of both genres, so when I got into a friendly argument with my friend at work I reluctantly picked the side of Star Trek.

Star  Trek vs. Star Wars - Enterprise beign destroyed by a Star Destroyer.

As this argument ensued at work, people around us started laughing, thinking we had both truly lost our minds. Perhaps we did a little. The argument then turned to Star Wars vs. Star Trek. These were our main arguments in a condensed and far smaller format:

Friend: Star Destroyer big, Enterprise small.
Me: Enterprise faster, more maneuverable.
Friend: Thousands of lasers.
Me: Lasers dude?! You’re kidding me. Phasers kick Lasers in any match.
Friend: Super Star Destroyer and Death Star kill the Enterprise.
Me: Agreed. I don’t think the Enterprise D or E would win those two. So I throw in the Borg.
Friend: <Pure silence ensues.>
Me: Nuff said.

I have found in my own observations that there are a lot more casual Star Wars fans than casual Star Trek fans. I have also found, again in my own observations, that there are a lot more die-hard Star Trek fans than there are die-hard Star Wars fans. This means in most “forum” based arguments on this topic, Star Wars will almost always win by sheer numbers.

Many people try to throw The Force into the mixture. I used to think this was a big deal as well, especially when watching the classic trilogy of Star Wars (ANH, ESB, ROTJ). The Force kicks trash in those movies. Then the prequel Star Wars movies came out. TPM, AOTC & ROTS have changed my mind on this. I now think The Force would be a minuscule influence in any such fight.

In The Phantom Menace we discover that Midichlorians actually dictate one’s power with the force. It’s not something you can get stronger with (except training), unless there are synthetic Midichlorians being produced and injected into the blood stream. You will also discover in Revenge of the Sith that a bunch of clone troopers can EASILY wipe out the Jedi. I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed I was watching the Jedi get seemingly killed in seconds by a blaster!

A lot of the argumentative stats in this epic battle are taken from non-canon books, video games and other non-canon sources. This includes both sides of the argument. And let’s not throw in the Expanded Universe from Star Wars into the argument. The Expanded Universe of Star Wars books contradict themselves on every level.

I have done my own research and have found the following sites to be useful when determining who would win a U.S.S. Enterprise D/E vs. Star Wars Star Destroyer battle.

List of Ultimate Star Wars vs. Star Trek Sites:

ST-V-SW.net (Great arguments in favor of Star Trek <when looking at sheer firepower and defense capabilities>. Well researched data with sources to back it up.)

StarDestroyer.net (Great arguments in favor of Star Wars. Seems to utilize a lot of non-canon data.)

Answers.com also has a nice article on the subject that you can read here.

There are a lot of awesome ships in the Sci-Fi universe not limited to just Star Wars or Star Trek. Let’s throw an Asgard or Replicator ship into the mixture, or perhaps a Battlestar from Battlestar Galactica. The Battlestars look awesome!

TheForce.net has some great Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica specs, although who knows if the sources are accurate. You can find them here.

Again, I realize this argument will never come to an end, but it sure is fun!

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49 comments on “Ultimate Battle: U.S.S. Enterprise vs. A Star Destroyer – Battle Of The Ships
  1. paulie says:

    Consider the following characteristics of Technology:
    Propulsion – more advanced you are the faster you can go. In ST, there is plenty of reference to mankind being confined to their quadrent of the galaxy ’cause everything else is too far away. In SW, Anakin jumps in his ship and is on the other side of the galaxy in moments.
    Weapons – this one is more interesting. In ST there is reference to ship battles being waged at ranges of 100,000 kms +. In SW ep.3 the ships are trading broadsides @ point blank range like the old pirate movies. Perhaps jamming technology is more advanced, requiring close range combat?
    Misc. – ST takes place only a few hundred years into our future yet SW universe is supposedly 1000’s of years old re: inter-galactic travel. Hard to imagine that all of those societies could have become stagnent in techno advancement. On the other hand, they don’t seem to have figured a way of busting someone up into micro particles and reassembling them somewhere else.

    On balance, I think it makes more sense that the empire has the technology edge and that the SD would pound the Enterprise.

  2. n says:

    i think st would win because in tng worf talks about laser not endangering them gob fly since sw only uses laser its fare to assume that the star destroyer couldnt hurt them

  3. Chad says:

    You missed the point when the clones killed the thousands of Jedi. The clones had no emotion and, therefore, an element of suprise which Jedi were unaccustomed to dealing with. In the end, the sole reason the clones could do what they did is through the extreme level of advantage gained through such a suprise attack. This point is illustrated well when Obi-Wan and Yoda are slicing effortlessly through hundreds of clones on their way back to the temple in Episode 3.

  4. Chewy 1138 says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the Jedi not detecting the emotion of the clones. Aren’t they supposed to be able to “see” the future? Shouldn’t the other Jedi have seen this coming? Obviously Yoda is pretty good, because he killed the two clones next to him without batting an eye (on the Wookie planet). Apparently the “lack” of emotion doesn’t phase Yoda.

    Anyway, borg kick them all. Yoda, you WILL be assimilated.

  5. Theodwulf says:

    It’s not the lack of emotions that threw the jedi off, it’s the cloning process, that makes clones hard to detect (their intentions).Clones are like white noise in the force, disruptions. Making it much more difficult for force users to opperate at peak performance and even causeing pain to a Jedi (when facing a clone of themselves)The Grand Admiral Thrawn books explain the mechanics behind it all.

  6. Skyraider says:

    Hey, I am curious, what do you think the SW universe would do with Q unleashed into it? Also, What about Babylon 5, a Star Fury would have no trouble taking out any fighter either the Empire or New Republic can through at it.

  7. Taggerung says:

    I am a big fan of both SW and ST, and I have done tons of research for both. As much as I like Star Trek, Star Wars wins hands down. Here’s why.

    Speed: Our galaxy (in ST) is 100’000 lightyears in diameter. When Voyager was brought 70’000 lightyears across the galaxy, they said it would take 70 years to get back. (Without things like wormholes, Transwarp, Q, and Slipstreams to help them)
    Reference: Voyager episode “caretaker”, “Star Trek Starcharts” book
    Star Wars galaxy is over 120’000 lightyears across, and can be crossed in hours or days depending on several factors.
    Reference: Wookieepedia.com

    Weapons and defences: ST w/d are all frequency based (photon Torpedoes, phasers)
    Reference: Wikipedia
    SW w/d ARE NOT lasers. (called so because no better word exists)
    Lasers have no recoil, they would not need a hole at the end of the barrel to come out of, they do not make sound, they do not simply stop (lightsabers, superlaser)
    Reference: Stardestroyer.net

    ST shields would not defend against a turbolaser.

    Also SW weapons are way more powerful.

    Sorry Trekkies

  8. some crazy kid that likes Sci-Fi says:

    okay, the Enterprise might be smaller than a star destroyer, but with Worf at the guns, those imperials don’t stand a chance. his fingers will fly across the buttons and the enterprise will cause havoc upon the star destroyer. besides, a star destroyer’s sheild generators are smack dab on the top of the dang ship, ya know, those balls on the top, target those and the star destroyer is defensless. once their gone, the imperials are history. and besides, even if the imperials send out fighters, worf will just kill them. the phasers on the enterprise are so advanced, they can target each individual fighter and destory them. and you forget, the enterprise can just get a transportor lock on the star destroyer’s captain, beam him over to the enterprise, and hold him hostage. and with that said, the enterprise can just beam in a bomb or a armed photon torpedo near the power source, and bye bye star destroyer. and they can just supercharge the phasers so they’ll punch right through the sheilds and armor of the star destroyer like a super-hot knife through butter. all that said, the USS Enterprise can so kick an imperial star destroyers ass. nuff said. STAR TREK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. To make a correction in the original post, it was not Attack of the Clones in which the clones killed the Jedi, it was Revenge of the Sith. As for clones being able to kill the Jedi, Jedi are not invincible. “No one can kill a Jedi,” -Anakin Skywalker (Ep 1) “I wish that was true” – Qui-Gon Jinn (Ep 1).

    As for the SD vs Enterprise, I would have to vote for the Star Destroyer. Yes, the Enterprise is faster, smaller and more precise in its weaponry. However, just watch any episode of Star Trek in which the Enterprise comes under attack. It doesn’t take long before the shields are drained to dangerous levels. Due to the ship’s small size (relative to the Star Destroyer), once the shields are down a few well placed shots to the stern of the Enterprise would cause an anti-matter containment breach, thus destroying the ship.

    The Star Destroyer though, would be a little more difficult to take out. Even if the Enterprise destroyed the SD’s shields, it would have to cause a lot of physical damage to the ship in order to cause it to explode (ignoring the Super SD being destroyed in Jedi thanks to a well placed fighter craft hitting the bridge).

  10. Greg says:

    Ok to correct Some Kid on certan things.

    1. The large orbs on tob of the control tower that is almost standard on all imperial ships over a certain size are long range sensors, Not sheild generators.

    2. Transporter tech does not work as long as ST vessal sheilds are active and wihtout any official source I for one would thing that this would hold true for Imperial sheidling as well since they can shrug off both phisicall entities and radiation.

    3. I think you mean Data, not Worf.

    Now even though the Enterpirse can lock on and take out fighters/bombers with relative ease. If the captain decided to do so he would be ingoring the Star Destroyer allowing it to manuver into position to attack with it’s man guns. It is follish to think that the Enterprise would only be able to track the fighers and the Star Destoyer, but they would be manuvering to keep the majority of the fighters/bombers in the phaser’s firing arcs, and away from possible blind spots.

    Now you can go the other way with this to. Say the captain decides to engage the Star destroyer. Now of coarse they will be rederecting some of the phaser banks to take out the small craft. It would be foolish not to, but the shear number of fighters/bombers one Star destroyer can deploy can overwhelm the that defensive fire. I’m not sure but i don’t think the Enterprise would be able to overcharge her phasers while dealign wiht the Imperials small craft. Since the Enterpise doesn’t have small craft of it’s own this would be one of her few options against a multi purpose Star Destroyer. Now since the Star Destoyer wouldn’t have to divert any of her fire to deal with small craft she can oreint herself and bring all her guns to bare on the single ship.

    Please post any other possibilityis and correct anything I have incorrect in my post.

  11. kat says:

    As much as i like Star Wars, i have to side with the enterprise, SD’s may have the size, and superior number of turbolasers, but ST has the edge with technology, the adaptability, manourvability, and are dead acurate with firing. Enterprise’s Sensors also are more advanced, even as early as captain Archer’s enterprise, they could read the DNA of the crew’s of enemy ships. SW ships cannot even acurately track ships at FTL speeds thus apparently would not be able to see a ship comming in at lightspeed/warpspeed until it was on top of it, making ISD’s vunerable to warp strafing. SW ships apparently from what i’ve seen from canon evidence, have only fought battles at sublight velocities making weapon ranges extremely short. Even the mighty Death star when it destroyed Alderan had to get within 80 000km.

  12. kat says:

    I would also like to mention due to how much more advanced sensors of the enterprise are, as well as being able to detect one species from another, which if SW vessels had it, would have surely been able to dectect the one Wookie on the Death Star in ANH, they would be able to detect when the Death Star was preparing to fire,-which again SW ships cannot detect as proved by Lando Calrrission in RoTJ “That blast came from the Death Star; that thing’s operational!” Which was said only after the DS fired, and therefore would take evasive action accordingly-since this is a beam weapon and can only be fired in straight lines and at one target at a time. SW ship’s may have extrordinary firepower at their disposal, but if they can’t hit anything with it, it’s pretty much useless. I can certainly remember in TESB, The ISD in the space of a few seconds fired hundreds of turbolaser pulses when chasing the Millenium Falcon-but managed to hardly hit anything. Terrible.
    But on a counter note, to give SW some credit, the one thing which i see that the ISD’s have an advantage on beside their firepower is their hyperdrive, though there is no canon evidence depicting actual travel times and distances-i believe it is faster than warpdrive. But again SW ships can only fight at sublight speeds and have no FTL weapons and extremely short weapons ranges of only a few thousand kilometres unlike Enterprise and other Federation capital ships which have fought battles at hundreds of thousands of KM’s and with FTL weapns. Sorry Star Wars, Enterprise wins this round.

  13. vocnar says:

    I think you all need to go back & look at all the tech data for both ST & SW. Tech manuals for SW state the Heavy Turbo Lasers fire a laser & particle beam blast with a Max range of ONLY 25,000 KM. Thats only 15,000 miles, the earth has a circumference of just over 24,000 miles. The Ion Cannons ONLY do damage like that of a EMP effect to a ships power grid. This means SW ships use power cables like todays ships. Their shields are ONLY effective Vs. energy weapons & normal energy based radiation (X-Ray, Gamma & the like). The ships are very slow & non-maneuverable like battleships of old. The SD’s armor isn’t specified but would probably be a dense armor mix that is thick enough to with stand a pounding from close range fire. The fire control is very antiquated, a SD’s fire control for just the 8 heavy turbo lasers are the size of a 3 story town house and require a crew of 30+ per gun. Sensors can only detect a ship with in the system the ship is currently in.

    The ST Tech Manuals state PHASERS fire a subatomic particle that cause the forces holding mater together to become non-existent & thus the material falls apart. The SD’s shields would NOT be able to stop this kind of attack since they do not have any knowledge of these subatomic particles. A PHASERS max range is listed for a Type-10 to be 300,000 KM or 186,000 miles with a power rating of 1 – 10 GW. A standard Photon Torpedo which is equipped with a Type-6 A/M, rated to about 120 – 150 MT yield & range is about 9 million KM.
    The Quantum Torpedos have a yield of about 500 MT & the Tri-Lithium-cobalt warheads have a a standard yield of 1.2 TT (Terra Ton). In a episode of Voyager Cpt. Janeway ordered a Photon Torpedo to be loaded with a 10 ISO-Ton warhead (thats 1×10 19th power in tons) enough power to destroy a moon.
    ST shields may seem week to you SW fans, but remember the MASSIVE amounts of power they are trying to absorb from all directions, but they are very tough.
    For the hull armor the ST Tritianium-Durainum hulls are very dense and can take a good amount of damage. ST’s sensors can tell a ships class, probable weapons & status at a range of just over 3 parsecs (about 11 Light years).

    As to WHOM would win the USS Enterprise-E Vs. a SD-II, thats simple, even if the SD’s shields do stop the PHASERS attacKs all the Enterprise has to do is stay out side of the range of the SD-!!’s weapons about a safe 100,000 KM range & pound it into scrap.

  14. logic_over_theforce says:

    the technology is on completely different levels. ST is far advance of SW.

    Take this small fact. A single modified photon torpedo could destroy a small planet. A quantumn torpedo has 8x’s the yield of a standard photon torpedo. So a single torpedo (or even a small compliment of said torpedos) has the destructive power of the Death Star. To repeat, in the Star Wars universe they spend xxx number of years, fight a long long war building a small planet that only has the power destroy a single planet which can be done in the Star Trek universe with a couple of torpedoes.

    In the star trek universe, the technology exists to collapse entire stars.

    Bigger is hardly better. If I have a cruise missile with a nuclear war head and you live in the largest castle in universe with a million canon firing iron balls, I’m still going to win. By a lot.

  15. Generalz says:

    i beg to differ SW also has the interdictor craft which can stop the enemy form going into light-speed or any space bending speed what so ever because it has gravity well generators. another thing is that the interdictor also has missile jamming capabilities so all of the torpedoes that the ST ships fire would just miss.

  16. Fetts Left Nip says:

    Enterprise built for exploration but armed and capable.

    Star Destroyer built for combat and so extremely well armed

    Enterprise – addtional support – none

    Star Destroyer – 2 Sqdn of TIE fighters

    IMHO a Star Destroyer going head to head with Enterprise would win. The Enterprise would score hits and cause some quite significant damage. But the size difference and ability to absorb damage would be a telling factor Enterprise E being 685m and the Imperial II 1600m

  17. wahaha says:

    Advanced beam weapon/targeting technology would render dog fighters pointless. This seems to be the case in star trek where space battles seem to be a battleship only type combat. Targeting a small ship in space would be too easy there is no where to hide, humans can only take so many g’s, and a small ships defenses too weak. If swarms of small ships are effective, it only means your large ships defenses are full of holes.

  18. Finnatic402 says:

    In ST, the technology is far more advanced then in SW. For example, ST- has transporters that can take molcecules apart and reasemble them, SW-they cant transport crap!, ST-there r phasers, SW- there is lasers and proton torpedoes, ST-the medicines are more advanced, for example Dr. McCoy would just inject the person with a damn medicine and they would be fine, but in SW they would have to be put in intensive car or just laid down on a bed!!! Overall, if the Enterprise were to be attacked by a Star Destroyer, the Enterpise would pone the SD. Against a super star destroyer it might have chance considering its amazing manuverablity and it being so nimble. Considiring a tiny A-Wing took it out, i think the Enterprise would have a chance. But against the DS, ……….BOOM CAPTAIN KIRK FLOATING IN SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The DS would still win even against Borg. This is the reason, the DS can blow up a planet in seconds, the Borg a big floating planet spaceship. Verdict reached, Enterprise would pone SD, maybe SSD, but not the DS.

  19. Obliviousluke says:

    I am going for the star destroyer. I can see where the ST fans are coming from though. Phasers are powerful, maybe more powerful than a turbolaser but the shielding on any Federation ship is relatively weak. One torpedo to the enterprise causes everything in the bridge to spark injuring people whereas a star destroyer will maybe shake a bit and carry on. Another thing with the shields is they don’t just stop energy weapons. They have ray shields which stops solid matter from passing through also such as asteroids. Sensors…
    Well this is a difficult one, I would say the Enterprise has better sensors but apart from telling you the status of your’s and the enemy’s ship, what good are they in a battle? Targeting system… The targeting system on both ships is good. I mean both ships can hit ships maybe 6 times smaller than them. (Enterprise with a Delta flyer and Star Destroyer with millennium falcon). Alot of people are saying distance makes a difference mainly in favour to the Enterprise. But a star Destroyer’s turbolasers have about 10-12 settings for different scenarios and distances. The Enterprise can maybe carry 4 delta flyers on board. A star destroyer has over 100 fighters and bombers on board. You think of the enterprise at the same time trying to fight off a ship twice its size firing hundreds of bolts at it and trying to shoot down all the bombers with their payload. Not even Data can do that!!!! I also found a comparison chart using canon information but I can’t remember the website =/. Anyway it showed that an Acclamator, yes, a republic troop carrier not designed for war had something like 45,000 (whatever unit it was) more energy in their turbolasers than the Enterprise E’s phasers. Well I can’t think of anything else to say lol. I love both star wars and star trek but a star destroyer would win. Sorry star trek.

  20. panzeracclamator says:

    the super star destroyer, which you said was defeated by a mere starfighter, withstood millions of nukes worth of damage before the shield failed. then a starfighter merely crashed through the window. turbolasers are thousands of times more powerful than phasers, imperial ships can accelerate to .99c WITHOUT their hyperdrives, and a photon torpedo cannot destroy a planet; it would take the enterprise’s entire payload of torpedoes to destroy a 5km hollow asteroid. turbo lasers can hit targets 10 light minutes away, while we only see phasers used out to 10km max. an imperial class ship is 14x the mass of a galaxy-class ship.
    phasers have been proven time and time again to be absolutely horrible against metals

  21. fajner1 says:

    ok first of all: ive researched and one heavy turbolaser blast does several times the dissipation capabliity of the enterprise. also, in star wars, lasers are not lasers. they just had nothing better to call them. they are basically stuff that fires at a few terawatts and is heated to like 2000C

  22. fajner1 says:

    and beaming wud be useless. particles cant go thru shields and enterprise wont take shields down. if they managed to beam on to disable from inside guess wat: and ISD carriers 9,700 stormtroopers, bye bye assault squad. and they cudnt beam onto a TIE fighter because:

    1. im not even sure u can beam onto something going that fast

    2. TIE fighters have barely enough room for the pilot

    3. Ties have no life support. they have artificial gravity and internal compensators so G forces dont kill driver but that about it. driver wears a full vacuum suit

    4. ISD Lieutenant: o look one fighter is heading back without contact and its being flown terribly

    ISD Captain: they must have taken it over, blow it up

    (they wudnt even need it to blow up, just close the hangar bay).

    face it trekkies: george lucas didnt want u winnning these forum battles so he made star wars have superior weapons

  23. Although a sensless discussion says:

    You don’t need to discuss over the matter. The SD would not only be able to fry the Enterprise, but the entire Federation as well. Why?
    Energy figures: A SD reactor has the energy output of a 3rd of a sun-like star (enough sources exist). The entire starfleet probably doesn’t have this output in its ships.
    Weaponry: The argument with lasers not being able to penetrate the E’s shields is inaccurate. Put enough power in it and any shield will fall. Besides – as stated somewhere above – a Turbolaser is no laser but actually a plasma cannon of immense power. A single hit would vaporize the Enterprise.
    Shields: SW shields deflect against energy and matter witnessed in several occasions. And they must be powerful enough to deflect SW weaponry. They are actually so powerful, that the Enterprise could drain its entire energy reserve on it without even seriously scratching it.
    Saying that an A-Wing punched out a (weakened) deflector of an SSD might be true, but it is a fighter with SW-weaponry. The cannons of this A-Wing would slice even through fully charged shields of the Enterprise af if they weren’t even there.
    Maneuverability: Irrelevant if you can’t hurt the enemy anyway.
    Timeframe: Coruscant, the capital of the SW-galaxy is a planet-wide city many miles high, which original surface last saw sunlight about 100,000 years before the battle of yavin 4. It has more inhabitants than the entire federation. FTL travel existed there almost as long for the known civilizations (Rakata and earlier).
    Industrial might: The galactic empire employed millions of starships larger than corellian corvettes and was able to actually build 2 moon-sized bases in a matter of a few years in secrecy without even sending a slight shockwave through galactic economy and despite producing the millions of starships of which the SD alone went through at least 3 generations in 20 years. Given the statement, that the federation would need one year to overcome the losses of the battle at wolf 359… well use your imagination.
    Size: In the SW-galaxy about one 4th of the galaxy are thouroughly explored (ca. 100 billion systems) and the galactic empire had more than one million fully developed member worlds and several dozen million colonies and outposts. The empire consisted of about 2,000 sectors and each with a sector fleet of about 1,600 to 2,400 capital ships plus an active fleet. This size even makes the Borg insignificant.

    But anyway. These are two universes and so a comparison is useless for in both you have beings like Q in ST and the celestials in SW who can pretty much do anything they want.

  24. dion says:

    OK Im sick of this shit we are all a big fan of both trek&wars star wars is cooler it has more fighting better skilled & star trek tng. is cool for its stuff . butt i thing the enterprise-d can destroy the stardestroyer for 3 resin 1 it has better shields 2 it can ceporate 3 make it es eyer to destroy it . and i will show you how it can be done .

  25. Kirk Lives says:

    You Star Wars fans make me laugh so damn hard. You keep quoting the EU. The EU is NOT canon. Only the movies are canon. Books are NOT!

    Just ask Karen Traviss about this. She had everything she wrote about the Mandalorians nulified…shot out a warp core conduit…destroyed. Why? Because it wasn’t canon.

    You know what Steve Sansweet (director of fan relations) said about REAL canon? And I quote” When it comes to absolute canon, the real story of Star Wars, you must turn to the films themselves — and only the films.”

    You can quote laser output and shield generator figures all you want. It is all made up. One author will quote one thing, and the next author will completely nullify the previous author’s content.

    If the was EU is legit, I might as well write a Star Trek book and quote the Enterprise as having a better-than-death-star cannon capable of destroying entire solar systems. It’s all bull crap.

    If you go off of the movies and TV shows (canon), Star Trek easily wastes a star destroyer. Heck, a shuttle pod could waste an star destroyer. They are pieces of crap. The clunky millenium falcon proved that.

    Nuff said. Star Trek KICKS Star Wars in any match up. Let me re-word that. Star Trek EASILY KICKS Star Wars in any match.

    Lasers…….don’t make me laugh!

  26. Jesse says:

    The Q

    Need I say more.

  27. Chris says:

    The SSD is the coolest looking sci-fi warship. Heavy armor, massive weapons banks, giant TIE filled hangar bay, it should give ST ships more than a run for their money. That said, it’s a WARSHIP, all SDs are warships; why do they have an exposed bridge/CIC? ST ships are science/exploration vessels so having their bridge located at the top of the ship is kinda understandable. I know it’s all for the movies, but the command center of a combat vessel should be buried deep within the armored hull of the ship. Arrogant design flaw in my opinon.
    This is all apples to oranges anyway.

  28. Archenland Knight says:

    I used to figure an Imperial Star Destroyer would wipe out Galaxy Class starship due purely to fire power. But that was because I didn’t really understand the Star Wars universe.

    So one day I asked, “How do the computers that control targeting for Imperial Turbo-Lasers work? What do they use to sense their targets?”

    The answer I got was “Turbo-Lasers are targeted manually.”

    ?!?!?! WHA…. ?!?!?!

    MANUALLY?!?!? MANUALLY?!?!?! Even WE don’t target artillery MANUALLY any more?!?! And M1 tank uses a computer to aim it’s cannon with pinpoint accuracy.

    Not only do Federation Starships use incredibly powerful computers to target their weapons with flawless accuracy, but they can do so while travelling at warp speeds.

    Now, I realize it’s a given that StarDestroyers have a faster hyperspace speed that Star Ships have warp speed. But that’s irrelevant.

    Even at warp 1.5, a Federation starship is still travelling at WELL over the speed of light. At that speed, the computers and sub-space sensors are still perfectly capable of writing the captain’s name on the main viewport with phaser-induced carbon-scoring.

    But manually targeted weapons of any sort have 0 chance of hitting anything moving at FTL speeds.

    So, the Federation Starship can make absolutely sure that the ISD has no chance of inflicting any damage.

    The question is, can the FSS inflict any damage on the ISD. And the answer to that is, it’s hard to say.

    ISD shields SEEM to be susceptible to penetration by sheilded ships traveling at high speed. If this is the case, a FSS could conceivably streak in at low warp, fly through the sheilds, drop out of warp for 1/10 of a second, beam an anti-matter bomb (which they don’t carry but can fabricate fairly quickly) into the engine room, and re-engage warp … HIGH warp.

    THAT should destroy the ISS … assuming that the hull of an ISS does not prevent beaming.

  29. KFAJ says:

    OK. I think anyone who thinks ST would win is ****ing retarded. The Millenium Falcon is a big ship for it’s class, but is extremely tiny in comparison to turbo laser batteries. Also, the Enterprise is NOT a battleship. Phasers, lasers, ray guns, are all the same thing, however ST being more science-oriented is more accurate in portrayal of these weapons. Furthermore, M1 tanks use a computer to calculate TRAJECTORY, IF ANYTHING AT ALL. The gun does not shoot stuff by itself. If it did, having a crew would be irrelevant to its operation. Don’t talk to me about reloading the gun, wither, because the French used their brains and incorporated that tech in their own MBT. And don’t be stupid or biased. Analyze the situation and realize that an SD COULD WIPE OUT THE ENTERPRISE IN A SINGLE TURBOLASER BARRAGE. IT MAY BE SWBF2, BUT I’VE SEEN THE SIZE OF THOSE GUNS, AND THEY ARE ****ING HUGE. I like both SW and S but it doesn’t take you long to realize that an SD could easily destroy the Enterprise. SW universe has the potential to blow up stars with a missile, as well. And AT-ATs. Their armor is nearly indestructible, whereas Enterprise is always facing antimatter containment breach from one measly shot, or weps are knocked out or engines offline. Manually aimed guns eliminate the necessity for a targeting comp, although they do exist in SW. The Enterprise being a smaller ship, I think that there is a chance it could hurt the SD if it was in the right position, but the TIE squadrons would destroy it anyway. Also, a simple scrape on a warp nacelle blew the Enterprise D up, whereas an SD takes some severe punishment and could own Enterprise regardless of shield status on board the SD. If you want ST to beat SW, choose the Borg next time. But then there’s the Death Star. It’s pretty obvious that SW ships are DESIGNED to be hurt, while ST ships are not. I think I’ve made my argument quite thorough, so I will finish up now.

  30. DAVID says:

    I am honored to enter into glorious nerdvanna with you all. The Question of whether a Star Destroyer could take the Enterprise D is a wonderful conundrum.

    I am going to have to side with Star Trek. Especially since we are talking about the Enterprise D.

    Gene Roddenbary used actual math when he created the Star Trek series and by the time The Next Generation was release the math became reasonably standardized.

    George Lucas did not have the same Vernes like dedication to the underlying science. Causing people to come after the release of the films to try to standardize the underlying science.

    When looking at the underlying science Star Trek wins by a landslide. Weapons that dissolve subatomic bonds. Boson spewing particle accelerators. Antimatter warheads and computers that control point defenses to a level no human could. We are looking at energy level that are truly in the astronomical category.

    Star Wars is more mystical than scientific. Lasers sound cool but quickly disperse over long distances. Lasers are essentially columnated light. This light is in a highly ordered state as it travels through space (which is curved and this becomes important even at distances within a solar system, just ask NASA why their probes are so hard to pilot) the ordered energy of the laser will become disordered over space and time.

    Phasers function more along the level of particle accelerators which spew beams of subatomic particles. These particles disrupt the vibration of the target atoms and cause the bonds that determine the cohesive nature of the target to dissolve. The matter or energy barrier is torn asunder at the subatomic level to the point that the uncertainty principle of Quantum Mechanics will allow. This functions in a much different way than a laser which relies on the laws of thermodynamics. The laser when it hits an object or barrier is either reflected or the energy dissipates in the form of heat. The laser superheats the object which causes the atoms to vibrate and eventually to break apart. The Star Wars technology is much less sophisticated and efficent than the Star Trek technology.

    It is akin to the difference that gunpowder made on Earth, only more so. It would be like a Soldier with the Davy Crockett Mortar firing tactical nukes against a castle with archers. If some Jedi Robin Hood can snipe the soldier before he fires then good for him. Otherwise the castle disappears in a ball of fire.

    There are other questions to tackle like Photon(energy packets) Torpedos vs Proton(the positive parts of an atom) Torpedos. Warp drive (space bending transport) versus (hyperdrive) a undiscovered dimension. And others.

    I look forward to any replies.

  31. DAVID says:

    I would like to add one thing off subject but as a reply to KFAJ concerning a negative comment about the Abrams Main Battle Tank. The targeting system, loading mechanism, and over all design of the Abrams far exceeded anything the french have. This was first demonstrated in the First Gulf war and has been verififed in other NATO actions.

    The targeting system of the Abrams allows near point and shoot ability and ranges well over a mile. Factors the targeting system adjusts for are wind speed and drag at various elevations, muzzle drift and and stabilization when firing on the move, distance and possible obstacles, the correolis effect for long range, and others.

    The reason a manual loading system is used is because automated reloading systems are notoriously unreliable which is humorous considering the day we live in. An automated reloading system could also interfere with the some of Abram’s damage mitigation systems which seal the ammunition store if the tank is hit. Blow away panels direct the explosion of the damaged ammunition store upwards and away from the crew. This eliminates a major cause of death in the Armored Cavalry.

    It is my understanding that the latest generation M1 Abrams is currently tied with the British Challenger as the most advanced tank in the world. Followed by the Russian T-90 and then the French Leclerc or Chinese Type 99

  32. jason says:

    One thing people look past is very simple, the star destroyer wouldn’t be able to damage the enterprise. In some episodes they have been shot at by lazers & lazers no matter what power will not penetrate the shields. I know this is a geek arguement but look at what’s the ideas behind the two. I like both star wars & star trek but star wars is what I call sci-fantasy & star trek is sci-fiction. Study both of them & the science theories that’s in them & don’t base it off what you think is cooler. I think the enterprise-d would easily defeat the star destroyer. Shooting lazers at the enterprise is like shooting a tank with a bb gun. Also they could just eject the warp core or in the star trek universe they have made red matter which makes black holes. As I said I love both of them but they’re nothing at all alike unless you get caught up in the tech props used to tell the story which too many people do. I’ve never really liked the comparisons between the two because they are nothing alike, even the fact that one took place a long time ago & the other is in the future. However this discussion is fun so what the hell. Now that I feel like a geek for taking time to do this I’m heading to the bar to watch the super bowl & never tell someone I posted this.

  33. jeff says:

    the enterprise in Picard’s star trek can not produce a tera-watt also the enterprise can’t go full speed while shooting at the same time because it can not power both. Warp drives are clearly fragile and the phasers aren’t comparable to the “lasers that are only lasers for lack of a better word”. Shielding is irrelevent also to truly test the fight you would need to convert the SW lasers to ST phasers and protons to photons

    SW wins

  34. jeff says:

    also more interesting fight would be the “home one” against enterprise d or e. “home one” takes to star destroyers in episode VI correct.

  35. belac says:

    You claim that the Force would have little to no effect in a battle, but that just serves to prove your ignorance in the matter. There is a power known as battle meditation, where the Jedi in question can manage an entire fleet subtly. Net result? Phasers just miss the ship.

    Also, to the dude who said that lasers are worthless against the Enterprise, an Imperial Class Star Destroyer also carries ion cannons and strike craft. The ion cannons eat through sheilds and strike craft are too numerous for the enterprise to take them all out.

  36. Stowyle says:


    Ok to correct Some Kid on certan things.
    1. The large orbs on tob of the control tower that is almost standard on all imperial ships over a certain size are long range sensors, Not sheild generators.
    2. Transporter tech does not work as long as ST vessal sheilds are active and wihtout any official source I for one would thing that this would hold true for Imperial sheidling as well since they can shrug off both phisicall entities and radiation.

    Actually ST transporters do work with the shields raised, the ships transporter system is aligned with the shields modulation. That being said with the undefined nature of SW weapons laser vrs phaser I wouldnt even post a guess as to the winner if it were energy weapon to energy weapon. The one advantage the ST universe ship would have is there chroniton based torpedoes which were originally developed by the Krinem. The weapons phase in and out of normal time, allowing them to pass through ordinary shields and directly damage a vessel’s hull.

    Over all though I would say the star destroyer would win…

    A) because it just has more weaponry and
    B) last I checked the enterprise wasn’t equipped with a compliment of fighters that could quickly over come a single ships defenses.

  37. Shinju says:

    well i have to say something

    ST weapons are far away better that the star destroyer, they can shot a lot, but the enterprise will not miss anything who enter in his attack range

    Photon and Quantum torpedoes, are composed of matter and anti-matter, so, the explosive power of one single torpedo is more than the death star beam
    Plus Enterprise can handle a couple of torpedoes without shielding… so…

    Shielding, cinetic energy weapons dont do anything against enterprise shielding, even the navigational shielding can handle that fire power

    Transporters, Captain of the enterprise can transport 2 torpedoes, one to the engine and one to the bridge
    Mobility and chain of command eliminated…
    Even they can bring out the fighter crews Heck!
    Or all the Star Destroyer Crew to the space…

    Warp Speed… do need i explain this?

    Phasers, this weapon has the edge on the cutting apart bulky ship contest…

    Star Destroyer, RAMMING SPEED
    Enterprise, what the hell are they trying, evasive maneuvers… phaser charged at maximum fire at will
    Worf (THE GUNNER OF ENTERPRISE-D): Tarjet destroyed sir

    We´re Talking about Brute Force of the huns vs a samurai or a ninja… dont make me laugh plz ¬¬

    Lets face an M14 against a Barret or an M24, and lets see who would win…..

  38. Someone intelligent says:

    Okay, I didn’t take the time to read anything. I just want to let everyone know that no Star Wars ship is a match for the Enterprise. Multiple huge ships, ground is even. The thing is, if a few x-wings and a-wings with lowsy laser cannons and minimal shielding can take down a super star destroyer, a huge galaxy class starship with some of the most powerful weaponry in sci-fi and shields more powerful that a super star destroyers could take down a star destroyer. It would only take three photon torpedoes to take down a star destroyer, and they usually use more than that in one shot. You would just need one for each bridge deflector shield generator, and one for the bridge. It would take a matter of about ten seconds. A star destroyer could give the Enterprise everything it had for those few seconds, and it still wouldn’t have enough time to do anything but take down the shields. In this trekkie’s opinion, Enterprise wins all the way.

  39. DireWolf84 says:

    Some “Super Star Destroyers” also known as “Star Dreadnoughts” have a Superlaser similar to the one the Death Star had that could destroy a planet as its primary armament. Also keep in mind, Star Destroyers rarely went anywhere without escorts, meaning there would be multiple Star Destroyers. Even the smallest of SDs had hundreds of Tie Fighters and thousands of personnel including boarding parties. They also had the Tractor Beam.

  40. a die hard star wars fan says:

    Just saying this, but midichlorians just indicate the natural power of the force in the individual, the dont create the power; Adding synthetic ones would make no difference. A jedi increases his power through training and meditation, so taking the Force out of the equation would not be a good idea.

  41. meh says:

    well just to annoy everyone who’s posted, a Daedalus-class Frigate from Stargate is probably the way to go here.
    the weapons systems are good enough to take on both Enterprise and a Imperial-class SD, and the defensive capabilities are decent enough, plus they possess nukes. take down either ships shields and beam a nuke on board, bye bye trekkies and Imperials.
    also the F302 complement on board should hold back any fighters that could be deployed against it, and be used to take out the SDs shields in much the same way as Ep. VI, oh yeh and F302s have nuclear payloads as well, that could be handy……

  42. While I like both genres, I’d have to give it to ST. Why? Two reasons. 1.) ST has the omega particle with which 1 particle would totally screw up an entire region’s subspace structure effectively neutralizing ftl speeds. I’m guessing this would include hyperdrive systems. 2.) In ST, they can create tachyons. This means time travel boys and girls. Any Federation ship could simply go back in time and take out the Republic before they even developed space travel. Or kill Palpatine’s parents before he was conceived. The same goes for Shimi Skywalker. Bye bye Vader! Ultimately, we all know who would win, other than the Almighty God. The incomparable CHUCK “BAD MOTHERF*****” NORRIS!!!!! Lmao!

  43. Sci-Fan says:

    Okay, I’m laughing as I post this. The argument is silly, both SW and ST have such GLARING AWFUL TERRIBLE inconsistencies with their technology, that stating they have a base line is ridiculous.

    Also, BOTH universes have fleet actions at close quarters. TNG, Deep Space Nine and Voyager prove this on multiple occasions. NEVER is their maximum ‘canon?’ numbers used on screen. The Only CANON is on screen for Star Trek. Tough luck Trekkies.
    Here it goes.

    1 Star Destroyer Vs 1 Enterprise (type doesn’t matter)

    Distance – ALMOST a Tie but SD. Both are capable of intersystem hyperspace jumps, it’s just rarely used. In both its because of the potential to cause mass destruction, in a losing fight who is more likely to jump and risk the annihilation of a populace? Both do it on numerous occasions (Deep Space Nine, TNG, Enterprise, MANY Star Wars books – they are canon as opposed to non canon ST books). Difference? The Warp takes longer to charge, in SW its just coordinates.

    Support – SD – people say the Enterprise can blow those fighters out of the water, and that they are useless. Shows that we have a bunch of iffy ST fans here. Deep Space Nine clearly shows fighters used in EVERY MAJOR FLEET ACTION. So hah. Enterprise doesn’t have fighters.

    Weapons – SD- Range does not equate in this argument. Why? Because of argument number one, distance. They’d just keep jumping, the fact that the SD would have the edge here… means it would always have it’s guns on the Enterprise. It has weapons specifically designed to take down shield heavy foes, and if you guys read the books they come across multiple foes with shield technology that is much more advanced (until Ion weaponry is brought to bear). SW also has the technology to destroy suns/planets with a single weapon, the Jedi (and other intelligence services) just wisely made the decision to keep that information locked up, or thrown away.

    Abstract technology – SD. If they get a moment where they are able to beam something aboard the SD, it’s possible they could win. But to counter that, look at all the times they can’t beam people off a deserted planet. If they have issues with atmosphere on a barren world, I see them having issues with a fully charged SD blazing down on them. The Force could be counted as technology here (we’ve no idea how it came about, and technology so advanced could seem like magic. Given that some have artificially created beings of the force… it’s likely it started somewhere in a lab experiment) People can move PLANETS with the force. Given the right user at the helm…. who’s to say. This is hard to tell, both of them effectively cancel each other out. Yet, then take into account that even a mid-ranged power Jedi can use battle meditation (if trained in it) and cause the enemy to flee…

    Mass – SD – Given the chance, it would hit the enterprise like a bug on its windshield. Hard to tell if it would be given the chance. Remember, physics has little effect in SW, so the enterprises smaller stature has little to no bearing.

    Shielding – Unknown – Both of them have such inconsistencies with the power of their shield that this factor shouldn’t be taken into account. SD’s have shield generators placed in odd locations according to some canon and not in others. ST … well they know how to travel backwards and forwards, but Federation has strict rules on this. I can’t envision a Captain willingly going back into time (unless it’s Sisko on the Enterprise, then all bets are off)

    Time Travel – Neither. SW has used time travel, but only really into the future, or glimpses into the past. Depending on the individual, SW may actually come to the front on this account, since force users can see into the future, would make fighting a single ship pretty easy.

    At the end of the day, it depends on the Trekkies (sorry but true).

    If they take ONLY canon into account (and according to all lore, Canon is only what is seen on screen) then the Enterprise would be in for a helluva fight since it’s maximum potential is greatly limited. I still believe it’d give a good fight because of the difficulty in judging the strength of their lasers/shields without a base line for Star Wars.

    If Non-Canon for Trek is taken into account.. well, then the Enterprise would win hands down. Non-Canon gives them range that is ridiculous, power on all weapons which would apparently destroy planets in a single shot, and the ability to turn back time to correct any mistakes they may have made.

    At the end of the day, the argument is funny. Because as I mentioned, there are so many inconsistencies within the universes that anything could happen.

    As for SW vs ST universe wise… well, some say the Borg would win. I’d love to see them ADAPT to the force. Or the Vong for that matter. Or the Celestials (who’d probably be busy fighting the Q Continuum with the aid of the Father/Son/Daughter of the force). At the end of the day, I think both sides lose. Simply for the time spent on the arguments.

  44. fred says:


    In ST, the technology is far more advanced then in SW. For example, ST- has transporters that can take molcecules apart and reasemble them, SW-they cant transport crap!, ST-there r phasers, SW- there is lasers and proton torpedoes, ST-the medicines are more advanced, for example Dr. McCoy would just inject the person with a damn medicine and they would be fine, but in SW they would have to be put in intensive car or just laid down on a bed!!! Overall, if the Enterprise were to be attacked by a Star Destroyer, the Enterpise would pone the SD. Against a super star destroyer it might have chance considering its amazing manuverablity and it being so nimble. Considiring a tiny A-Wing took it out, i think the Enterprise would have a chance. But against the DS, ……….BOOM CAPTAIN KIRK FLOATING IN SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The DS would still win even against Borg. This is the reason, the DS can blow up a planet in seconds, the Borg a big floating planet spaceship. Verdict reached, Enterprise would pone SD, maybe SSD, but not the DS.

    just to point out , a Proton torpedo , (proton aka Antimater) will have a very significant yield,.

    when you take in to account that the Star Wars creaters lacked the Language to adequately describe their weapons. and were using terms like Lasers , since it was the only term they had at the time. you will very quickly realise that the weapons have to be defined not by range or power but by their physcial effects on materials,

    A single short phaser blast against a hull is enough to knock out a reactor or damage a weapon system,

    In SW ep 4 , c3p0 ” did you hear that they shot down the main reactor” so clearly the Star destroyer does posses the kind of sensors to Disable key systems,

    Star Trek suffers from an unrealistic ability , and that is that people believe that the weapons even tho traveling at light speed , still hit their target 99 % of the time , when physics would allow an evasive maneuverer to avoid such a hit , any vessel traveling in random direction is going to be damned hard to hit in any universe

    so the star destroyers weapons are no inaccurate or limited to close range , just a hell of a lot more effective when used close up and can do more damage if your opponent cannot move out of the way

    on the subject of accuracy , the star destroyer is slower to move so more hits would find their target.

    the enterprise has 10 times the number of incoming shots hitting it so even accounting for misses the star destroyer only has to fire a pre set patttern to hit its target reliable , for example , predict where the ship could be and fire at all co-ordinates , one is going to hit the other 12 may miss, enterpise cannot do this.

    which brings me back to the distance problem from the enterprise , even at extreme range how effective is the power loss going to be at that range. and torpedos incoming on straight tractories could easily be shot down.

    the interesting thing to note is that in the first three star was epidodes , the tech was higher because we expected it to be higher , that does not mean that tech went backwards when the empire took over. jsut that we were not able to observe it. besides the star destroyers could always run faster if they had to, and considering that they have the entire output of a star in their solar ionisasation reactor and the enterpise has significantly less power, we run in to the power problem again that the star trek universe is not correct with its power estimates

    now if we talked a PR campain , start trek wins because they say their weapons are far better then they actually are. star wars is more real ,

    as for babylon 5 very limited shields tho a white star may give a star destroyer a run for its money

    also the star destroyers have a weak spot , top down attacks if somthing is positioned directly above it and shot down none of its batteries would be able to fire back.hence why in pitched battles star destroyers faces all angles for overlapping fields of fire…

    but i could go on all year about this……….. this debate can never end

    simple pro cons
    st better range ( inaccurate /Impossible power figures )

    sw more guns, prolly more effective
    and harder to destroy

    as for st targetting and destroying small craft , it would really be impossible cause tehy are too fast and too small, other wise why does st not shoot down ever torpedo fired at it

  45. AdmiralShatner says:

    Here’s the issue I’ve never seen anyone address in these little debates.

    How in the world are a Star Destroyer’s weapons targeted? From what I’ve been able to gather, the guns have to be aimed …. MANUALLY?!?! What the …?

    By the time Return of The Jedi was filmed, the U.S. Navy’s F-14 Tomcat and the Air Forces’s F-15 Eagle were already capable of targeting multiple enemy aircraft from beyond visual range and firing on them simultaneously … all by computer control. The “dogfighting” you see in “Top Gun” would almost never happen in real life now. Both of those planes are designed to clear the skies of enemy aircraft before the pilot actually lays eyes on them.

    It seems that in some areas, Star Wars technology is actually inferior to 20th Century EARTH!!! I’m thinking tie fighters would have no chance against F-22’s!!

    Now, I realize that the top speed of SW Hyperspace is faster than ST Warp Speed. Big deal. What I don’t see happening is any actual FIGHTING going on at FTL speeds in SW. Federation Starships, even Constitution class, are documented as being perfectly capable of doing just that.

    With subspace sensors and duotronic computers, two Federation Starships can pass each other at warp speeds and not only fire on each other, but actually HIT each other with precision. SW ships don’t seem to be able to fire with precision even when both the target and the shooter are perfectly stationary.

    So here’s what seems obvious to me:

    Federation sensors and computers would be able to quickly detect the nature of Imperial sensors and determine they can’t possibly be sophisticated enough to use for targeting FTL targets. The Starship would then simply accelerate to warp 1.2 and wage the whole battle at that speed. The manually aimed Imperial Weapons will be helpless to get a bead on the Starship, much less actually HIT it.

    Then there is also the problem of the doppler effect and how it will distort the effects of SW weapons even if they COULD hit a target moving at FTL speeds. A change in frequency, and the obvious reduction of exposure time, could make Imperial weapons have the same effect as an I-Phone’s camera flash.

    Also remember that Federation phasers FIRE THROUGH SUBSPACE. That’s right. Phasers THEMSELVES are FTL. They travel faster than light. (Which is why doppler is not a concern for Starfleet weapons.)

    Now, what I don’t know is this: Would Imperial shields have any effect whatsoever on a weapon that fires through SUBSPACE? I’m not sure it would. Phasers may essentially BYPASS Imperial shields by using other dimensions.

    What’s more, we already know that physical objects (such as fast moving fighters) can penetrate SD shields, especially if they are shielded themselves. So an obvious strategy reveals itself to any true Star Trek fan … much less a trained Starfleet officer.

    This will all be carried out by the ship’s computer using a pre-programmed set of instructions. The crew can just sit back and watch:

    1. Approach the Star Destroyer at warp 1.2 from directly behind in the baffles of its engines.

    2. Maintain warp until you have penetrated the SD’s shields. Drop out of warp directly in front of the bridge (for dramatic effect …. you know Kirk would do it) but maintain NEAR Light Speed velocity (not a problem for a Starship … even Constitution Class).

    3. While still inside SD shields, but still moving too fast for any manual targeting, drop your shields, beam anti-matter bombs (or torpedo warheads) into the bridge, the engine room, and the main hangar. All of this will be easily identifiable to Starfleet sensor technology.

    4. Go to warp 9 and get the Gre’thor out of there while the SD blows itself to Sto-vo-kor.

    Similar another poster said, the battle between a Star Destroyer and a Star Ship would be like a battle between a Mr. Universe contestant and Bruce Lee. Sure, the body-builder may be stronger, but speed, precision, and knowledge will win the day.

    I know Lucas TRIED to make his SD a clear winner in such a battle, but the fact is … Lucas doesn’t understand combat. This has always been my problem with Star Wars. Both sides use laughable strategy. And Imperial design is just dreadful.

    I mean, really … what kind of IDIOT designs an AT-AT? It can only fire forward, can be outrun by a man on foot, and has long, vulnerable legs. It was clearly designed by someone who doesn’t know anything about designing war machines.

    And the way Jedi fight … honestly, force or no force, a real Olympic fencer would slice a Jedi to ribbons. The things don’t even have handguards. I’m thinking the Jedi looses his fingers in the first three seconds.

    ST writers, on the other had, are fans of Sun Tzu and the strategies of Earth’s greatest generals. They know and understand war far better than SW writers ever could.

    Starfleet fighting the Empire would be like 10 Samurai fighting 100 punks with nightsticks. It will get ugly, but I wouldn’t count the Samurai out until the battle is over.

  46. Aaron athertonI says:

    Ok I read a comment about books not being canon well who ever said it is a imbecile! George Lucas reads and agrees to books being published so they are canon and the book on mandalorians is about mandalorians past before the mandalorians created a government instead of warlords hence why death watch was set up to bring mandalore to its old ways and by the way the star ship enterprise wouldn’t last 10 secoundandary against a sun crusher and they are the size of an average fighter it could ram into the star ship enterprise and not suffer a scratch even if it was being shot at by all the weapons the starship enterprise has at full power and the sun crusher could easily shrug it of and all so a Death Star could use a tractor beam on the starship enterprise and storm it with storm troopers no problem and with minimum casualties and kill everyone in it an even if one escaped the chances of them surviving for a week is highly unlikely since there is patrols and inspections all the time and then the sd could blow the starship enterprise up like it is nothing. And if anyone argues that the empire were beaten by some rebels in corvettes an primitive life forms I.e. ewoks well that’s not strictly true since the rebellion fleet wa actually made up of warships by one o the greater ship builders or were modified seperatist warships and the correlian corvettes were used for undercover missions and stuff. And near the end of return of the Jedi the empire were winning against the ewoks and rebels until chewwbaca hijacked a imperial walker and used it against the imperials an bear in mind the imperials were vastly outnumbered by like 50 to 1 and even though they had better weapons and everything they had a surprise attack from the ewoks and were surrounded and actually did quite well to when chewwbaca stole the imperial walker and I doubt the empire would risk blowing up their own shield generator because the Death Star was still being built and they had a chance of winning and just had to hold out till the rebels were defeated but it failed due to the imperials not being able to hold out against such a large force.

  47. gay says:

    whit 2 defiant class ships you can transport a warp core into a destroyer then the other defiant class shiptransport the crew inside. all in ocultation mode

  48. Trekkies have the I D 10 T(idiot) problem says:

    For the last time I do not care about the Borg SW has the YU’ZHAN VONG!!! Beat that Trekkies they have WORLD ships. Klingons? really SW has Wookiees and SD vs Enterprise D or E really? Transporters don’t go through shields. SW Lasers=ST Phaser Proton torpedo=ST Photon torpedo and all weapons being pretty equal power the out come=Star Destroyer more weapons over 100 fighters. Plus there are called STAR DESTROYERS!? Really? Please note Trekkies I beat WITHOUT the Force or Death Stars. P.S. SW has Celestials=The Q sorry I still win!

  49. REBEL LION says:


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