In Search Of The Force? Try The Jedi Church!

Yoda - Jedi ChurchThose Brits sure come up with some fun and interesting stuff. Can you believe that in the 2001 British census 390,000 people claimed “Jedi” as their religion! Obviously Star Wars is a lot more than just a movie to some people. Not only do people claim Jedi as there religion, but they practice it on a regular basis as an official religion.Jedi also appears to be 70,000 Australians’ religion of choice as well. This means that one in 270 Australians consider the force to be their official religion. According to the BBC:

An e-mail was sent around the world in 2001 saying that if 10,000 people declared they were Jedi, it would be recognised as an official religion.

But the Australian Bureau of Statistics said it would be categorised as “not defined”.

Thousands of people in New Zealand and the UK also followed the advice of the e-mail – with Jedi Knight even being included on the list of religions by UK census authorities.

The BBC recently had an article on Jedi worshipers in Britain. In the article they interviewed. The article covered Barney and Daniel who go by the names Master Jonba Hehol and Master Morda Hehol.

According to the article both Barny and Daniel are trying to increase their numbers and want fellow worshipers to join them in worship close to their home on Anglesey. If I’m ever in Wales I’ll have to stop by and take a look.

Their church activities include sermons on “The Force,” light saber training and meditation techniques.

According to the article:

They plan to go to the official opening of a Surrey-based branch or “chapter” of the UK Church of the Jedi in April, and hope to hire an Anglesey venue for their own services.
Already six followers regularly meet in north Wales to discuss setting up the “church”.

All members are currently men, but women are allowed. Those following the dark side of the force can be expulsed from the church.

This has to be one of the oddest things I have ever heard of. 🙂

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One comment on “In Search Of The Force? Try The Jedi Church!
  1. natural-one says:

    Awesome…… keep up the good work!

    When the purpose is GOOD, and balances the dark. The concept alone should be embraced.

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