Star Trek MMORPG Dead In Space?

Captain, she gave us all she had! Many people are wondering the same thing. Is the Star Trek MMORPG still going to become a reality? The game “expected to launch in 2007” is still not a reality. Now 2008, it sounds like the developer, Perpetual Entertainment is having its own share of problems. Apparently too many of the developers were wearing red shirts and have been pronounced DOA.

Star Trek MMORPG Video Game

Now I can’t say for sure if things are really looking that bad, but the former Perpetual Entertainment recently had its assets liquidated and has been acquired by the newly developed Perpetual LLC. The new company claims it is taking the Star Trek MMORPG in a more casual direction. Is that code for “we don’t know what we’re doing?”

Perpetual recently canceled development of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising to focus more time on Star Trek. This could be good if they really are trying to get the game done, hopefully with quality in mind. It could also be bad being that they are canceling projects. Could Star Trek be next on the chopping block?

The icing on the cake so far is that Perpetual is now being sued for unpaid bills by the PR Firm Kohkne for work done on Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising.

Articles on the lawsuite (Kohnke v. Perpetual):

Kohnke v. Perpetual – The Opening Round

Screenshots of Lawsuit

In closing I would like to say that I am a huge fan of Star Trek. I have played MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and enjoy them. A Star Trek MMORPG is a guaranteed sell for me. Although I am still hopeful the game will turn out well, my gut feeling is that the game will either never materialize or will suck like the majority of all the other Star Trek video games. Here’s to hoping! πŸ™‚


It looks like our dreams for a Star Trek MMORPG are dead for now. Perpetual Entertainment, also known as P2 Entertainment, seems to have closed its doors for good. You can read more here.

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7 comments on “Star Trek MMORPG Dead In Space?
  1. tazman1701 says:

    I concure to hoping the game comes out and comes out well btu I am afriad for its future. I eagerly anticipated the Lord of the Rings MMO and thought all the delays would mean that a kick butt game that could beat Star Wars Galaxies would be coming. Sadly this did’nt happen and now that one of my favorite fantasy series has been butchered beyond repair I fear one of my favorite sci fi series might get the same treatment. well hears to hope

  2. Kronos says:

    If this thing does become a reality, I am there with cash in hand! Especially if they can do something that compares to World of Warcraft!

  3. Mitch says:

    Actully there are rumors going around that Star Trek Online will be taken over by another ‘unanmed’ company which looks to be Cryptic Studios(Makers of City of Heroes/Villans Although they would not comment when asked they were interviewing all the worked laid off by perpetual for a unknown project

  4. Flagshipped says:

    Here’s to hope this franchise someday makes the market. Perhaps the delay is good in it gives time for the MMORPG Genre to mature by developing more interesting elements and mechanics for what Star Trek really requires to do it justice.

  5. :) says:

    Ah, I have brought good news to people awaiting the release of Star Trek Online. There has been a new company that has been rumored to have taken over the project. Cryptic Studios, if you go to their website there is a countdown to July 28th, or 29th.. i’m not sure.. but in like 29 days from now. And behind the countdown is a beta screen shot of perpetuals concept art.

  6. Gameeking026 says:

    I for one have been waiting the arrival of this game and it seems that there monotonous habit of bad situations due to there own faults is giving all the trek fans the middle finger. For me waiting this long for a game has to be the most gruelling process i have ever come across but knowing that it should be out anytime now gives me hope. the only thing i dont wish is that they just get in a hurry to make it and it becomes a heoros of might and magic. the reasoning for my high expectations are simple and i can say that you all would come to the same conclusion, good graphics, good story, good character creation, and etc. the only reason i expect fenominal game play is that they have taken more than enough time to create this game, if there not up for it why dont they pass it on to the next big computer game makers which would do an excelent job on it, such as blizzard the makers of wow, im not certain but knowing there fan base on that game and knowing that star trek would get an equal fan base, im pretty sure they would be more than tempted to actually make it. what im trying to say is make the game and stop leading us on, or pass it on some some real gamers that will actually work on it properly!!

  7. jaannx says:

    while am looking forward to this game am worried about how it will turn out it could go either way it could turn out really well if they do it right but they could screw up on this game quite easily in this game as well i hope they don’t but i think it would be to easy to screw it up

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