New Trailer For Adywan’s Empire Strikes Back Revisited!

Many of you have probably heard of Star Wars The Phantom Edit. The Phantom Edit is a fan edited version of The Phantom Menace. Why edit the movie? Because many of you have the talents and abilities to do so. Many people didn’t like Star Wars Episode I, so they have since edited the movie the way they like it, usually featuring less Jar Jar.

While tracking down some fan edits of The Phantom Menace (after watching Star Wars Episode I – The Rise of the Sith by Slumberland) I came across what I consider to be the best fan edited movie I have ever seen. The guy goes by the name Adywan. I learned about this guy while visiting the forums at

Star Wars Revisited - Adywan

This guy created his own edit of Star Wars A New Hope named Star Wars Revisited. He has re-edited scenes, added music, added planets and many special effects. The end battle scene at the death star is stunning. I highly recommend that you torrent Star Wars Revisited and watch it for yourself. I got mine in xvid format at I would like to state, however, that you should legally own a copy of Star Wars ANH before downloading the torrent. Who doesn’t? 🙂

You can see a trailer for Star Wars Revisited here:

I just came across a new trailer for Empire Strikes Back Revisited. There is also a forum discussing the new edit you can find here. My hopes are pretty high for this one and I am certain the quality will be just as good, if not better, than Star Wars Revisited. Adywan, you’re a bloody genius!

Empire Strikes Back Revisited Trailer:

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8 comments on “New Trailer For Adywan’s Empire Strikes Back Revisited!
  1. Gary Ducharme says:

    Adywan’s A New Hope Revisited is now my definitive copy of Episode IV, and I fully expect his Episodes V and VI to be as well respectively.
    Currently, The Phantom Editor’s ‘Phantom Edit’ and ‘Attack of the Phantom’ are also genius, and are the only ones I watch for Episodes I & II. Of course, I own all of Lucas’ versions that he has released on VHS and DVD. I owe the man my childhood and give him his money.
    Adywan has stated that he is anxious to do Episode I (and I then presume II and III) and if he uses the Phantom Editor’s work as a template, they’ll be amazing.
    the only shame is, I can’t get them in Blu Ray!:(

  2. Rick Marcil says:


    I just saw “Star Wars Revisited” and loved everything you have done. One question – why does Luke still say “Carrie” instead of “Leia” after he gets back from blowing up the Death Star?

  3. admin says:

    I am so excited for this thing to come out. I just watched Star Wars Revisited last week and still can’t believe how good it is! Has anyone heard a definitive date on the release of Empire Strikes Back revisited?

  4. Ganamae says:

    Just join the facebook site for all the info you want !


    Have fun, Both Adywan and a few star wars actors are members !

  5. JonB says:

    Rick, I think it’s still strongly debated whether Luke says “Carrie” or just “shouts from excitement”. It sounds to me like he’s just shouting, so I wouldn’t change it.

  6. Elliott S says:

    I am trying to get a DVD copy of Adywan’s Star Wars re-do’s.
    Please E-mail me if you have info.
    I know I can down load,I want the actual DVD’s

  7. Midori says:

    So… if Lucas makes CRAZY CHANGES, everyone goes crazy and calls him a rapist of the original movies. But then this guy makes even more dramatic changes and people go like “HE IS SO AMAZING I LOVE THIS USELESS CG AND CHANGES BLA BLA”
    I bet that, if Lucas’s version was THIS adywan version, you would all go like “F*** HIM!!! THEY DON’T EVEN FEEL LIKE THE ORIGINAL ANYMORE!!!”
    And if adywman version was the 1997 Special Edition, or the 2004/2011 DVD/Blu-Ray version, you would be saying. “THIS IS BETTER, IT LOOKS NEW BUT IT RESPECTS THE ORIGINAL WORK”.
    It’s funny because you people make no sense at all. You complain about Lucas changing them but then a fan edit is better because… why? It’s stil alteration to the original work, and that’s Double Moral. That’s being a hipocrite. Either you accept and give changes a chance, or you just stick to the original. Pick whatever side you want, but make up your mind, because it’s unfair to se hate against George just because some changes. None of us would be here doing or discussing any of this, if it wasn’t for him. I myself find the newer versions better, but maybe that’s because I grew up in the 90’s, when the Special Edition was released. But that also allows me to enjoy this fanmade versions, but I don’t go arround on the internet bashing Lucas for no reason.
    Stop the hate. Keep the love.
    Cheers to all ~

  8. james says:

    I too would like to know how i can purchase the dvd’s of Adywans revisited star wars movies.

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