The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season One Too Short!

Summer Glau as Cameron the Terminator.I have been religiously watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles with much delight. I have been surprised how good it has been. I didn’t have much hope after watching the first two episodes, but it has gotten pretty good. The special effects aren’t half bad for a TV production. It has been especially fun seeing Summer Glau play Cameron. I really enjoyed watching her as River Tam in Firefly.

After watching the latest episode last week, the preview said that the season finale is this week! That would make only 12 episodes for the season. I know the show is in it’s first season and I’m sure there is a little risk there for he network, but the show is currently pulling in good ratings. The premier of the show was the best new show opening in three years according to Variety.

Do you remember when Sci-Fi shows had at least a dozen episodes in a season? Star Trek the Next Generation was showing episodes in the 20s per season. I can’t imagine a short season is good for maintaining interest in a show. Perhaps the writers’ strike cut the season down. I can’t find much on why the season is so short. I’m feeling good about a season two, but there are rumors that this is still up in the air.

Regardless of the season being short, I will be certain to watch the two-hour season finally. It looks pretty good. I suppose we may all find out more information at that time as to the future of the show.

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