One Great SciFi Music Video – Muse: Sing For Absolution

Even though I am a Yank, I have always been a big fan of the British music scene. My all-time favorite rock band is Depeche Mode. I’m also a big fan of Europop music.

About a year ago I was listening to a song on the radio that I decided I had to buy. I tracked down the artist and discovered it was Starlight by Muse. I then went and purchased the album entitled “Black Holes and Revelations.” I really enjoyed the album. I did some research and discovered that the band wasn’t really “new” and had several previously-released albums.

My wife was kind enough to purchase me the even better (IMHO) album Absolution. I have since purchased Showbiz which is a great album as well. How does this tie into SciFi? I was on YouTube a few days ago and decided to watch some Muse music videos. That is when I came across the video for Sing for Absolution. It is a beautifully produced music video that is SciFi in every respect.

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