501st Legion on Deal Or No Deal – Star Wars edition! Did you see it?

I just had to give a shout out to the 501st Legion. They made an appearance on the NBC TV show Deal or No Deal and they did a great job! I have met some of these guys and they are some of the nicest people out there. I dream some day of getting enough money to acquire the armor and become a member. That would be a geek dream come true.

Star Wars Deal or No Deal - 501st Legion

All I can say, as I watched the 501st up on stage, is that those guys must have been pretty nervous. What an awesome experience for them! Now that the show has aired, I’m sure the 501st will be able to write more about their experience. It is my understanding that they were under confidentiality agreements (duh) until the show aired. It got over about an hour or so ago. They don’t have much on their site right now about it.

They also got to meet the Deal Or No Deal models in Princess Leia slave outfits. Lucky dogs! 🙂

Deal or No Deal Star Wars

Star Wars Deal or No Deal - 501st Legion

Nice job guys!

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