Gears Of War Movie Still On Track

It seems the Gears of War movie is still on track to become a reality. Len Wiseman is still on track to direct the movie. You may know him from the movie “Live Free or Die Hard.” Chris Morgan will be writing the screenplay.

Gears of War Movie

Many people seem concerned about how the video adaptation will turn out. I personally am not too concerned. There have been some great adaptations (IMHO) such as Resident Evil and Doom.

Cliff Bleszinski, the creator of Gears of War was quoted saying this about the movie:

“Hollywood needs to take the source material seriously, win over the avid gamers and make it work for an audience that is young and old, male and female.” But he also admitted that that plan is easier said than done.

“Disney made a great movie out of a theme park ride, and somebody is sooner or later going to make a great one out of a video game,” Bleszinski said. “Having someone like Len really helps the odds. I think we’re going to create something special here.”

I still haven’t heard about a release date. All I can say is that I am glad this movie isn’t going the way of Halo (RIP).

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