Star Trek The Experience – Pilgrimage Made!

I am happy to say that I managed to make it to Star Trek The Experience before it closed. I made it down on the 22nd of August, just a few weeks before it closed down.

Captain's Chair - Star Trek The Experience

I decided, since this would be the last time, to go ahead and fork out the 80+ bucks for the latinum pass. This included the pictures in the Borg Chamber, Captain’s Chair and the backstage pass. It all ended up being very fun, yet very sad at the same time.

The place was packed! It was fun to remember the previous experiences I had there. They had a nice memorial set up, which consisted of sheets of paper taped to the wall. Each sheet of paper had notes and memories from visitors. There were even a few e-mails that they had printed out and hung on the wall. It was nice to see I wasn’t the only one who was sad about it leaving.

Contrary to many rumors, Gretchen, our backstage pass guide, told us there were no plans to move the exhibit anywhere else. She informed us that it would probably be going away for good. She said this was especially sad because many of the actors who dressed up as aliens had been there for years. This was their life. By the way, the backstage pass was well worth the money!

She also told us that nobody knew for sure what was going to happen with all the props. The owners of Star Trek The Experience (Cedar Fair Entertainment) own the props, but Paramount owns the rights. She said everything was still very much up in the air. I personally hope they auction off some of the stuff as souvenirs.

While my wife, child and I were getting our Star Trek caricatures drawn, the artist told us that the Las Vegas Hilton was planning on replacing the exhibit with a Michael Jackson exhibit. Can you believe that! What a bunch of garbage.

To finish, I got to eat one last time at Quark’s Bar & Grill and got to get my picture taken, with my two-month old son, on the captain’s chair! That will be a great memory. I am raising this kid to appreciate Sci-Fi and Star Trek!

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