Adywans Empire Strikes Back Revisited – Color Correction Clip

It’s no secret how cool I think Adywan’s Star Wars Revisited is. I think the guy is a genius. Well, I was looking around on YouTube and some of the new Adywan Empire Strikes Back Revisited color correction footage and it looks pretty cool.

For me, watching Adywan’s Star Wars Revisited was like watching a new and very refreshing version of the movie. I expect Empire Strikes Back Revisited to be the same. You’ll have to take a look at the color correction footage for yourself. Enjoy!

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2 comments on “Adywans Empire Strikes Back Revisited – Color Correction Clip
  1. Sm482 says:

    A heads up: The final trailer for Episode V Revisited has been released. I can be found here:

    Can’t wait for the finished product.
    See what you think!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the update Sm482! Nice!

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