Trekcast – A Very Enjoyable Star Trek Podcast

So I just received a free iPod Nano from my sister (thank you), who decided to upgrade to something with a little more storage space. I received the package from her about two weeks ago. I had previously been using a Sandisk Sansa (love it), but decided to try out the PodCasts with my Nano.

I can’t even begin to tell you how bad some of the podcasts out there are, many of them with volume levels all out of whack and hard to understand. Many of them sound like a frat group got together and decided to throw something together on their mother’s computer.

I did a few searches for Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate and came upon a podcast by a few people out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The podcast is Trekcast. I have to say the podcast is enjoyable, informative and great listening during work. Best of all, the sound levels are just right.   Trekcast also seems to be overall work safe. They also give some good updates on the progress of the new Star Trek the Experience. Dang I miss that place!

When you all have time, you should go check them out and subscribe, that is if you like all things Star Trek.
You can find their site here: Trekcast

Trekcast Star Trek Podcast

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