Stargate Universe – Will It Get Exciting?

I am a huge fan of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. I have been a huge fan of the genre since the original movie came out in 1994.

I am always willing to give a show a chance. Now that I have seen 7 episodes of Stargate Universe, I have to say that I am starting to get really disappointed. I know everyone keeps touting that Stargate Universe is “Stargate” grown up and that it is more character developed. I realize that the show needs to change to attract a bigger audience. I am cool with that. I think, however, in their effort to sex up the show and make it more like Battlestar Galactica they may be driving away their core base.

The show fore me, however, has too much character development and not enough action. The character development itself really isn’t that good anyway. I am a huge fan of FireFly, and character development on that show was amazing.

I am really hoping, before giving up all hope, that there will be an episode with some real action (and not of the sexual nature). I don’t want to sound like too much of a prude, but the sexual encounters on this show are a little too much for me. I used to watch Stargate with the entire family, with my own mom being a fan.  Not any more. I won’t watch this with my son. I want my Sci-Fi to be of the Star Wars nature with lots of lasers and explosions.

The visuals, on the other hand, are amazing. I think the ship is beautiful and the CGI is really good. Joel Goldsmith has also written an amazing score for the show.

Eli, to me, seems to be the most redeemable character. I will keep watching a few more episodes before throwing in the towel. 🙂

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One comment on “Stargate Universe – Will It Get Exciting?
  1. Resender says:

    It’s also been cancelled after 2 seasons to make room for wrestling on SciFi channel in the USA.

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