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Minecraft Halloween Creeper Pumpkins – Final Results

I’ve been talking a lot about creating Minecraft Creeper Halloween pumpkins, but tonight I got a chance to actually put my research to work and carve my own. As you might imagine, a Creeper pumpkin is actually not that hard

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Create Your Own Creeper Costume

So your kid tells you, “I want to be a Minecraft Creeper for Halloween!”  That’s what my kid said. It seemed like an easy enough task. There are certainly plenty of people that have made creeper costumes for Cosplay purposes.

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William Shatner Disses Star Wars

I was reading Fox News today (usually check out all the news sources) and came across an article titled: William Shatner disses ‘Star Wars,’ says ‘Star Trek’ is better: Who wins the intergalactic debate? In this article, he goes on

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The Chronicles of Riddick 3 (Sequel) – Heck Yeah!

I know I should have been following up on this earlier, especially with the Chronicles of Riddick series being in my top 10 favorite sci-fi movies of all time. Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick are absolute pinnacles of

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Halo 3: ODST Achievements (Complete List)

So I just finished Halo ODST. Fun game, but I wouldn’t say $60 fun. It should have been around $35-$40 simply because the campaign is sooooo short! It sure was fun to hear several of the Firefly cast members back

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