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Star Trek MMORPG Dead In Space?

Captain, she gave us all she had! Many people are wondering the same thing. Is the Star Trek MMORPG still going to become a reality? The game “expected to launch in 2007” is still not a reality. Now 2008, it

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Mass Effect – The Best Sci-Fi Game of 2007

Welcome back everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t written for some time. The holidays have taken a lot of my time, not to mention a couple of new video games I got from Santa. I got both Mass Effect and Call

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In Need Of Last-Minute Sci-Fi Gifts?

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, there are only a few days left. Have you gotten your friend or loved one a Sci-Fi gift yet? If not, here are some great TV, Movie, Video Game and Book suggestions. Recommended

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Is The Gears Of War Movie To Become A Reality?

Gears Of War is considered to by many to be one of the best video games ever produced. Released in 2006, its stunning graphics on the Xbox 360 make it a high-def must for any hardcore gamer. The storyline is

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Riddick Revisited: The Chronicles of Riddick – Possible Sequel?

There are few movies that get my sci-fi blood pumping more than The Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black. Both of these movies have great plots, lots of great action and hold true to the way sci-fi should be. The

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Best Sci-Fi Video Game to Movie Adaptations

It’s seems like it is hard to do, and it rarely turns out well. The video games we love to play, for some reason, don’t seem to adapt well to movies. Movies, however, have been turned into some good video

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Halo Pumpkins! Master Chief’s Halloween

So Halloween is only four days away and I have a big huge pumpkin sitting on my counter still waiting to be carved. I’ve always created the usual pumpkin with triangle eyes and jagged teeth. It usually ends up looking

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Halo 3 Is Out! Free Xbox 360 Elite Console?

I know, Halo 3 didn’t just come out, but hey…I like video games. Most sci-fi nuts do! I recently purchased a game you may have heard of called Halo 3. Now that is some good sci-fi! It’s as good as

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