Design Your Own Sci-Fi Pumpkin Before You Carve A Real One!

In no way can I take credit for this fun flash application, but I found this making the rounds through the e-mails and in the spirit of Halloween thought I would post it here.

Before you carve your Battlestar Galactica or Gears of War pumpkin, test it out here first and see how it turns out! Have fun!

Last year I posted some cool Halo themed pumpkins and patters you can find here. You can also see some really cool Star Wars themed pumpkins by going here.

If this wasn’t cool enough, you can see the full-screen version of the flash pumpkin by going here.

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Cryptic Entertainment Assumes The Helm Of The Star Trek MMORPG Called Star Trek Online.

A few months ago I deemed the Star Trek MMORPG dead in space. After Perpetual Entertainment went belly up, I figured that was the end of it. There really haven’t been many good Star Trek games anyway, so I figured this was the end.

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Well, it has been picked up by Cryptic Entertainment, and from their site it is looking pretty good. It already looks better (based on the site) than Perpetual Entertainment ever had it looking. You’ll have to swing by the site and take a look.

Official Star Trek Online Site

Do you guys recognize all the races in the above picture? I see a Vulcan, a Human and an Andorian. I have no idea who the other races are! Do Vulcans now come in bald Reptile and Night Elf flavors? ๐Ÿ™‚

They even have a forum where you can go chat about it. Hopefully they will take a little advice from the fans when developing it.

Star Trek Online Forums

You can find wallpaper based on the new video game here:

Star Trek Online Wallpaper

There appears to be no release date set yet and they are not yet to the stages of Beta testing the game yet. Pricing has not been established either. It sounds like they scrapped all previous development and are building the thing from the ground up.

Here are a couple of excerpts from their FAQ section that I find interesting:

Q: When does the game take place?
A: Approximately 30 years after the events in Star Trek Nemesis. The game starts in 2409. Technology has advanced and the galaxy is a much more volatile place.

Q: What races will I be able to play?
A: The plan is Human, Vulcan, Andorian, Klingon, Orion, Gorn, and several others. You will also be able to create your own race with its own custom look and attributes.

Hopefully they don’t stray too much from the what little there is of Star Trek canon. I hate it when non-fans develop games and it ends up being a poorly developed “B” sci-fi game. I’m keeping my hopes up!

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In need of a Star Trek costume? I may be able to help.

Before I realized I was broke and had no money, I was seriously considering dressing up as a Starfleet officer for Halloween (Last year it was a member of Stargate SG-1). I was inspired even more after going to Star Trek the experience. I did quite a bit of research and found some helpful sites and links. Star Trek TNG Costume William Riker

I looked on E-bay initially, but didn’t like what I saw. A lot of the costumes were simple jumpsuits that looked really cheap. I think the manufacturer of my least favorite costumes were by Rubies.

I want the real pips & pins, including an authentic looking com badge. I want to get a TNG Season 3+ uniform. I decided the only way to do this was to make one myself. I found a couple of sites where you can get the pips & pins and a pattern to make a nice looking uniform.

You can get your pips, pins & badges here:

You can get your patterns here:

Please be aware that I have never actually purchased from these sites, so I cannot verify their credibility.

Enjoy making your Star Trek costume this year!

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Star Trek The Experience – Pilgrimage Made!

I am happy to say that I managed to make it to Star Trek The Experience before it closed. I made it down on the 22nd of August, just a few weeks before it closed down.

Captain's Chair - Star Trek The Experience

I decided, since this would be the last time, to go ahead and fork out the 80+ bucks for the latinum pass. This included the pictures in the Borg Chamber, Captain’s Chair and the backstage pass. It all ended up being very fun, yet very sad at the same time.

The place was packed! It was fun to remember the previous experiences I had there. They had a nice memorial set up, which consisted of sheets of paper taped to the wall. Each sheet of paper had notes and memories from visitors. There were even a few e-mails that they had printed out and hung on the wall. It was nice to see I wasn’t the only one who was sad about it leaving.

Contrary to many rumors, Gretchen, our backstage pass guide, told us there were no plans to move the exhibit anywhere else. She informed us that it would probably be going away for good. She said this was especially sad because many of the actors who dressed up as aliens had been there for years. This was their life. By the way, the backstage pass was well worth the money!

She also told us that nobody knew for sure what was going to happen with all the props. The owners of Star Trek The Experience (Cedar Fair Entertainment) own the props, but Paramount owns the rights. She said everything was still very much up in the air. I personally hope they auction off some of the stuff as souvenirs.

While my wife, child and I were getting our Star Trek caricatures drawn, the artist told us that the Las Vegas Hilton was planning on replacing the exhibit with a Michael Jackson exhibit. Can you believe that! What a bunch of garbage.

To finish, I got to eat one last time at Quark’s Bar & Grill and got to get my picture taken, with my two-month old son, on the captain’s chair! That will be a great memory. I am raising this kid to appreciate Sci-Fi and Star Trek!

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Star Trek The Experience Is Going Away!

I really can’t believe it, and perhaps I took it for granted. Star Trek the experience is no more as of September 1, 2008. I have been three times and have very fond memories of the place.ย  I went in 2000, 2001 and 2006. I have fond memories of having my picture taken with Borg, Andorians and Klingons. Stopping by Quarks Bar & Grill and getting a Warp Core Breach was a blast.

Star Trek The Experience

According to, the fate of Star Trek The Experience has been shaky at best. Apparently the Las Vegas Hilton changed ownership, which helped lead to its demise. Apparently the contract between CBS and Cedar Fair (currently run The Experience) were not renewed. This is after cost reductions were implemented.

If you have time in the next two months, pay it a visit. The restaurant is great, gift shops are fun and the rides are blast. Also be sure to do the Backstage Tour. I got my picture taken on a replica of the NCC1701D bridge and in a Borg drone chamber. Great stuff! I think I will try to head down in August. It will probably be very busy.

You can read a copy of the press release here:

A few excerpts of the news release are as follows:

Las Vegas – Star Trek: The Experience, Las Vegas’ premier interactive attraction will conclude its historic 11 year run at the Las Vegas Hilton on September 1, 2008….

Asked if there is any final transmission he’d like to convey from the Enterprise bridge, Chad Boutte, Operations Manager and Director of Marketing said “Hailing frequencies open. We’d like to thank all the fans and friends of Star Trek, whose constant and amazing support we’ve enjoyed throughout our tenure at the Las Vegas Hilton. As we boldly go into the futures that await, know that we take your love of Star Trek: The Experience with us. We share the memories of time spent in the most unique place in the Galaxy, and we carry those memories into our futures with us. Live long, and prosper.

Hailing frequencies closed.”

Star Trek ConventionHopefully they auction off some of the stuff there. I would love to own a piece of that history. Perhaps I will go to the convention being held there August 6-10. It will be the last convention held there.ย  You can read more about the convention here. Go check it out while you can!!!

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Gears Of War Movie Still On Track

It seems the Gears of War movie is still on track to become a reality. Len Wiseman is still on track to direct the movie. You may know him from the movie “Live Free or Die Hard.” Chris Morgan will be writing the screenplay.

Gears of War Movie

Many people seem concerned about how the video adaptation will turn out. I personally am not too concerned. There have been some great adaptations (IMHO) such as Resident Evil and Doom.

Cliff Bleszinski, the creator of Gears of War was quoted saying this about the movie:

“Hollywood needs to take the source material seriously, win over the avid gamers and make it work for an audience that is young and old, male and female.” But he also admitted that that plan is easier said than done.

“Disney made a great movie out of a theme park ride, and somebody is sooner or later going to make a great one out of a video game,” Bleszinski said. “Having someone like Len really helps the odds. I think we’re going to create something special here.”

I still haven’t heard about a release date. All I can say is that I am glad this movie isn’t going the way of Halo (RIP).

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Not so bad after all! **Spoilers** Battlestar Galactica Season 4

I have to admit it. I stand corrected. I was wrong.

A while back I posted an article about how I thought Battlestar Galactica was starting off slow and boring and probably wouldn’t turn out so well. It turned out the opposite. Although it started off slow, it is going strong and has me hooked (hook, line and sinker). It is amazing.

Battlestar  Galactica

I need to do a little more research, but I am psyched to find out who the fifth cylon is. I really enjoyed last Friday’s episode when they found Earth. Cool! I have to admist the end reminded me of “Planet of the Apes.”

You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! Damn you all to hell! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now that was a good movie. OK. Back to the topic at hand. If you haven’t been following the Fourth Season, you have got to get caught up. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Anyway, I just had to apologize to all the true BSG fans out there. In case you missed it, you’ll have to read myย You Know You’ve Been Watching Too Much Battlestar Galactica When… article.

So say we all!

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Gears of War 2 – Are you excited?

I know. It isn’t coming out until November 2008, but I am getting more excited about Gears of War 2. Do you remember when we were told no sequels were in the works because “the powers that be” wanted to focus on the Gears of War movie? What ever happened with the movie? It probably went the way of the Halo movie.

I was reading an article on and came across this on Gears of War 2 and couldn’t help but smile. This is an excerpt. You can read the entire article here.

The fact that Epic Games is at work on a sequel to 2006’s massive Xbox 360 hit Gears of War is one of the industry’s worst-kept secrets. Aside from being a logical business move–Gears has sold 4.5 million copies globally across the Xbox 360 and PC to date–Epic has been less than opaque about its intentions, even as far back as last year’s Game Developers Conference when lead designer Clifford Bleszinski (aka Cliffy B) said that his company “intends to do a sequel.”

The question, then, has been when would Microsoft and Epic finally get around to making the announcement. True to rampant speculation, that reveal came today during Microsoft’s keynote speech at the 2008 Game Developers Conference

After Epic founder Tim Sweeney and president Mike Capps left the stage with no mention of the shooter midway through Microsoft’s presentation, the lights dimmed to close out the keynote…and a trailer for Gears of War 2 played. Cliffy B then stormed the stage, chainsaw rifle in hand, revealing the game would officially light up Microsoft’s console exclusively this November.

I know, that probably wasn’t that exciting, but here is the official teaser for Gears of War 2. Be aware it is a little bloody. Enjoy!

You can learn more about the rendering engine being used for Gears of War 2 by watching the video below. It is a little long, but is very interesting if you enjoy learning about the intricate details of how the game works.

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501st Legion on Deal Or No Deal – Star Wars edition! Did you see it?

I just had to give a shout out to the 501st Legion. They made an appearance on the NBC TV show Deal or No Deal and they did a great job! I have met some of these guys and they are some of the nicest people out there. I dream some day of getting enough money to acquire the armor and become a member. That would be a geek dream come true.

Star Wars Deal or No Deal - 501st Legion

All I can say, as I watched the 501st up on stage, is that those guys must have been pretty nervous. What an awesome experience for them! Now that the show has aired, I’m sure the 501st will be able to write more about their experience. It is my understanding that they were under confidentiality agreements (duh) until the show aired. It got over about an hour or so ago. They don’t have much on their site right now about it.

They also got to meet the Deal Or No Deal models in Princess Leia slave outfits. Lucky dogs! ๐Ÿ™‚

Deal or No Deal Star Wars

Star Wars Deal or No Deal - 501st Legion

Nice job guys!

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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 – Anyone Getting Exited?

We have been blessed with two new episodes of Battlestar Galactica, but is anyone really that excited? After watching the first two, I ended up deleting them rather than keeping them on my DVR like I usually do. Perhaps it’s just me, but this season seems to be more a soap opera than I remember.

Battlestar Galactica Season 4

The first episode of season 4 was pretty fun with all the special effects, but soon it turned to snooze. I really don’t care who likes who and the drama involved. And how about those lame sex scenes? If I really wanted to see that I could just turn on some HBO at 1:00 in the morning. I want to see more action, but the sort that results from ships blowing each other up.

The storyline with Starbuck is OK. I can live with that and it could really go somewhere. The storyline with the four silons on Galactica could be really good. That is what I am most excited about. Gaius Baltar should have been killed off sooooo long ago. He annoys me, and making him a religious figure makes it that much worse.

Anyway, enough with my rant. Let’s just hope episode 3 this Friday fares better. What have you guys thought about the season so far?

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