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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 – Anyone Getting Exited?

We have been blessed with two new episodes of Battlestar Galactica, but is anyone really that excited? After watching the first two, I ended up deleting them rather than keeping them on my DVR like I usually do. Perhaps it’s

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Jericho Canceled! Second Life On Cable?

It’s like a knife being driven through my heart! I just found out that Jericho has been canceled and will not be brought back to CBS for a third season. It is almost as bad as when FireFly was canceled,

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One Great SciFi Music Video – Muse: Sing For Absolution

Even though I am a Yank, I have always been a big fan of the British music scene. My all-time favorite rock band is Depeche Mode. I’m also a big fan of Europop music. About a year ago I was

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James Horner – Krull Best SciFi Soundtrack Ever Composed

SciFi not only spawns great books, movies, video games and TV, but it also produces some great music. I enjoy sitting down and listening to The Matrix while relaxing or popping in some John Williams “Star Wars” while driving down

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Blade Runner Now In HD – Today!

It’s dark, a little dreary and one of the most enjoyable Sci-Fi movies made in the 80’s. Blade Runner was released today in all its glory in high definition on Blue Ray and HD DVD. You can pick up a

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Captain Pike Cast For Star Trek XI

This will be a short entry, but today a new character was cast for the new Star Trek XI movie. I have already talked about previous cast members in earlier posts, but apparently Captain Christopher Pike, a character from the

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High Definition For Your Sci-Fi Movies?

This isn’t news to anyone in the know, but high definition TVs are flying off the shelves at record rates. As you unpackage your new LCD, plasma or projection high-def television, you’re probably thinking of all the new things you

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Getting The Most From Your Sci-Fi Movie

If you’re like me, you probably have wide collection of Sci-Fi DVD movies that are sitting around and collecting dust. You may have watched them once and set them to the side. I even have some movies I purchased, intending

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Scariest Sci-Fi Movies

I was recently asked what the scariest movie of all time is. There are a lot of good movies out there that would probably belong in the “Scariest Move of All Time” category. I was just reading a “Time” magazine

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New Futurama Movie!!! Bender’s Big Score

I don’t know how many of you sci-fi gurus out there are fans of Futurama, but I love it! I own all four seasons and have loved it since the beginning. Who else could make the future look so fun!

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